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Since I have been neglectful in uploading new photos from my camera, I’m a bit behind in POSTING any new pictures….hope you don’t have a slow download time or you are gonna be HATIN’ this post!

Since it’s been (HUMID and) Raining most of the week, we’ve spent quite a bit of time indoors. Bella is hanging out with my laptop in this picture from this morning…..the day started out cold and rainy (AND HUMID….ick!) and then after the clouds had exhausted themselves, the sun came out, the temperature soared and then it was Hot and Humid. Everything in the house is damp. Some things are damp because I didn’t close any windows during the downpour….I think my bathroom scale may have bit the dust. I found it in a particularly large puddle since it sits under the window in the bathroom. (yes, I AM a genius) But the furniture and the carpets are all damp just from all the humidity in the air. I don’t want to touch ANYTHING. The latex paint on the stairs is sticking to the bottoms of my feet. Overall, ICKY day.
However, the hot/cold/rainy/blazing-hot-sun days have been most excellent for the garden. I picked some tomatos and a not-quite-all-the-way-ripe green bean today just for the experience of eating a home grown one. A completely new experience for me…..eating stuff I’ve actually grown from a seed. I cannot express HOW proud I am. Beaming, actually.

Below is a picture of Mia from this morning. All of her litle pox seem to be fading to nothing and then this morning she got a new spot under her nose. Poor little one…
Richie bought me Roses this week.
I’ve been VERY, VERY good to him.

I finished my layout in the “Being A Woman Is…” themed book. I chose for my theme, “Being a woman means having fun getting DRESSED UP”. It was a fabric book so there was actual SEWING involved. DOUBLE ICK. So after a sad attempt with needles and poked fingers, I got out the hot glue gun.

It was so hot that Bella actually LET ME put her hair up in pigtails! She is working on her own personal craft project here….gluing and drawing on rolled up paper….
Richie took the girls outside and took some pictures of them on the tractor. Amazing how big they’ve gotten since the last set of tractor pictures….

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  1. It is me again, the girls are getting so big! They look happy and so cute! Congratulations on the garden, it is pretty big.Mom

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