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Whew! Had a whirwind of a weekend!

Saturday morning a friend and I went to an Art Festival (first annual so a little small but SO FUN!) in South Paris

(no, not THAT Paris….Paris, Maine).
And then afterward, we found a charity book sale where they were selling books for 1$ a bag! SCORE!! I ended up with two large boxes AND a full bag of the coolest vintage and antique books! And the sweet little old ladies gave the whole haul to me for the teeny weeny price of five bucks! I felt like I was cheating them a bit but they were firm on the price so who am I to complain! My hubby was like oh-no-not-more-books-in-the-house! WHERE ARE YOU GOING TO PUT THEM??!!!

Saturday afternoon a friend came over with her son and we hung out and chatted as only girlfriends can do, then hit the mega-super-cheap-blow-your-mind-with-the-deals shopping trip to a local Marshall’s. I’ve never had an INTJ friend before. Every INTJ (that I knew for sure was one) that I’ve met was male and usually I drove them crazy and they wanted to get as far away from me as possible. When I worked in the IT industry, I ran into them more frequently. Now that I work at home (and yes, don’t get paid) I have a lot less occasions to meet new people (at least in person). So imagine my surprise when I met an INTJ who was also A CHIC!!!

I think if you’ve ever read my blog before you will find that I tend to be a bit on the narcissistic side.

(okay, i admit that MAY be a bit of an understatement.)

My favorite sibling (i have four) is the one the most like me. My favorite people to hand out with are the ones who laugh at my jokes and my favorite TV and movie characters are usually INTJ’s as well. (They make the most emotionally-out-of-touch and intelligent-figuring-out-the-mystery types…excellent for plot development when you don’t want your main character to realize that the love of their life is standing right next to them in like EVERY scene. LOL)
So I can’t even express how much fun it was to not just spend time with but SHOP with someone as …uh….”quirky” as I am. LOLLOL (and yes, I laugh at my own jokes longer and louder than anyone else. How obnoxious is THAT??? LOL)

So back to my weekend….Sunday we had the normal busy morning and then in the afternoon went to a pool party barbecue. And the weekend business sort of spilled over into Monday because I had a busy morning getting the girls packed and ready to go to their grandparents to spend the night. Then I did the weekly shopping and went to the chiropractors. And, since we were a childless couple for the evening, hubby and I went to an ACTUAL restaurant for dinner. And of all places we could have picked to go to, we went to the restaurant where the guy works who flipped his car several times into a ditch in the middle of the night last summer across the street from our house. He was SO nice. So we reminisced with him for a while before heading home.

And now it’s Tuesday!

So is anyone planning a trip out here to good ol’ Maine to come and visit me? The airlines are struggling to fill their seats this time of year so they are offering really competitive rates. Southwest.com is offering deals as low as 49-109$ one way!!!!



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  1. Love the pix,little Mia is such a cute little thing, love those feminine little poses and those little legs are to die for, I just want to squeeze her! Miss you all! Mom

  2. Your girls are so adorable! What a day of genuinely good fun.Mia looked to be having a very deep pensive moment with the brother sitting next to her. I will say honestly that if I were not having to fly from Belgium to Florida to get married next weekend I would totally visit! Thank you for your kind words as well Sondi, I feel the same. There are these adorable farm houses on rolling hills outside my window. There is one, it is the farthest away, it reminds me of your house, I almost waved one morning! Oei!andrea

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