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Soooo….most of my friends are aware that I have a real problem with spiders.
Not so much a ‘problem’ as a Phobia Actually.
In fact, the first time I watched Arachniphobia, I was annoyed that someone in the room with me was screaming at some point. I was like, HELLO, you are ruining it for the rest of ussss…..Then I realized it was me.
How is that for an out of body experience?? Very strange….the way phobia’s work.
Anyhooo… four year old wanted to see "the pig movie" so I got her a copy of Charlotte’s Web to watch. This was one of my favorite books as a kid. I read it over and over. My little paperback copy was bent and tattered from all the times I’d poured over it, savoring every word. (I always pictured myself as Fern, the little girl on a farm who related to animals rather than people and didn’t like wearing dresses.) And yet, I couldn’t bring myself to watch the movie. For some reason, READING about a blood sucking talking insect was considerably easier than seeing one on the TV screen. (kinda the same for vampires….on paper they are romantic and mysterious and on the television they are just creepy and icky and gross).
So today my little one wanted to watch the movie again. And since I had a brimming bowl (that is the size ‘cup’ I prefer) of coffee and a plate of breakfast, I sat down to see if I could watch it. And to my amazement, I DID ! I even cried when Charlotte died. And couldn’t stop. What is up with THAT??
My four year old was so busy talking about the farm animals that she was a bit weirded out when she noticed me hastily wiping away the tears– so I don’t think she really gets the death concept. But that is okay. I was just surprised at how much I still cared for this little talking-with-a-large-vocabulary spider from my favorite childhood story.
By the way, have you ever had baby spiders balloon down out of their egg sac ONTO YOU??? I have. I still have nightmares about it. And if I am too sleep deprived, sometimes I Hallucinate that it is happening again. (Yeah, it freaked me out a TINY bit.)
I have to say, if they really yelled, "Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!" when they were parachuting away I might think they were a bit cute. But I draw the line at them crawling around on me. I started unconsicously rubbing my skin and squirming at the point in the movie when they were crawling ALL OVER the farm animals in the barn. If it weren’t for the beautiful-fairy-happy-ending-music playing in the background at that point in the movie, I think I might have been screaming because bugs crawling all over you is a HORROR movie in my book. How could it be rated ‘G’?????What were they thinking????? GR-OSSSS. I don’t care how ‘nice’ the spiders are.
That is THE Rule.
I also had to inform my daughter that in REAL LIFE the spider would be making a meal out of, not JUST the pesky flies, but also every animal in the barn. SPIDERS ARE EVIL. I don’t want her gasping in horror the next time I fly through the room in my phobic frenzy to smash a spider. Yeeckkhhh!


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  1. Love it! So did you watch the new remake? Wanted to see it.

  2. Hey anonymous….you forgot to sign your name so I could write back to you! I didn’t realize there was an ‘original’ charlotte’s web other than the book! Although now that you mention it I have a vague recollection of a cartoon version….hmmm….I watched the live-action one with dakota fanning.

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