TIME keeps tick tick ticking away….

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I was opening up an old journalling book that had exactly two entries in it from somewhere around five years ago and lo and behold I found some really great articles that I had previously printed out about journalling. From the previous dates on the journal entries in that book, it is probably obvious that i’m one of those people who starts off with a project with the best of intentions and FULL of GUSTO and then my enthusiasm peters out and I forget all about whatever the project was as it disappears under mounds of paper and supplies of OTHER projects.
I have a whole stack (if I could actually find them all and store them all in one place) of journals floating around the house…..and they all have several entries at the beginning of the book and lots and lots of blank pages. My reason for pulling out that particular journal book was that I (A) actually knew where it was located and (B) had yet another burst of enthusiam for putting pen to paper. I decided to start writing down three positive things everyday that I had experienced. That was almost a week ago and so far there are two entries. Soooo….SORT of a success….
But Back to the articles that I had printed out and tucked into the journal…..They were all printed out way back when I was working on office job. They were all from a website called themestream so I figured I would go back there and see if there were more writing gems to be scooped up. Alas, the site is gone and replaced by one of those ‘browser’ sites that makes popups appear all over your screen. (joy) So I did a google search and stumbled upon a really cool site: http://www.creativity-portal.com
What a GEM!! There are lots of articles on writing and painting and trusting your instincts and stuff to get you going when you are blocked. Alll KINDS of great stuff! Lov-ing it.
So that is all I have to say today. I’ve spent ENTIRELY Too much time online today already.
I was hoping to do some cleaning up of my dining room table (alas, there is very LITTLE actual dining done on it) and/or of my actual craft table in the craft/play room.
Have I cleaned even one thing? Nope.
Have I spent any of my precious time making art or USING my creativity? Negatory.
Will I probably waste even MORE time online today.
YES. Definitely yes. *sigh*

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