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September 9, 2007 at 4:00 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | Leave a comment
Well, there is good news and bad news.

First note of bad news…… two of my favorite shows were cancelled and are not coming back in the new fall season: Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip (alas, Matthew Perry!) and Veronica Mars… Sniff Sniff…. How will life go on as we know it???

Also a bit of sad news….I actually BOUGHT a copy of TV Guide to study up for the new fall season. And by ‘study up’, I am (almost) ashamed to admit that I looked online for info on the shows and scribbled in next to the name of each show that interests me in the new season, the date it will start airing. I have a total TV chart now! YAY!

And YES.
This IS SAD.
On MANY levels.

Now a note of GOOD NEWS….how bad can life be when the most crucial bit of news is the new fall schedule? I’m chuckling at my sad state. No really…*sigh*

ANOTHER note of good news! I finally FOUND my Alpine Gold Hazelnut chocolate bars on a global foods site. UNFORTUNATELY, when I reviewed my order, I think I may have ordered the ones with raisins and almonds. DANG IT. I am severedly addicted to these chocolate bars. Since I get them at a discount salvage type store, I stock up when they sell them and then when they run out and don’t carry them anymore, I just have to sweat it out and wait for the next spring when they will carry them again. I have NO IDEA where they are actually sold. SOMEWHERE. I mean, they’ve got to be initally selling them at a normal retail price out there SOMEWHERE Before they end up at the discount store right??

Normally, I only eat DARK chocolate. Seriously, I just can’t STAND milk chocolate. Tastes like wax to me…..But this milk chocolate is SO creamy and chocolately that I just can’t get enough. It’s swiss so it’s not too surprising I suppose. They know their chocolate out there…..them swiss must be good people. My second favorite is the 70% cocoa Chocolove Bars (dark brown wrapper). If the bars I ordered aren’t the object of my addiction, I will just have to settle for the chocolove and use the ones that arrive as CHOCOLATE BACKUP.

Another positive note….I FINALLY got around to printing out a bunch of photos, taking them to Office Max and getting Xerox copies made so I can try out some of the photo tranferring techniques I’ve been reading about FOREVER. YAY! I even managed to remember to buy Freezer Paper and Gum Arabic. Now, if I can only find the directions for all three or four transfer methods, I might actually know what to DO with these supplies….! Woo-hoo!

On an EVEN more boring note of minutia ….

(is that even POSSIBLE at this point????)

…’s a rainy Sunday afternoon and I’m wearing a sweater and socks again today. This after a full week of HOT HUMID weather when ANY clothes seemed to be too many layers. The kind of heat where you want to get right back IN the shower after towelling off from a shower because you are instantly sweaty. The kind of heat where you have to be in an air conditioned room to apply your makeup or it goes on all blotchy (from the sweat). Maine is yet another one of those places (every state with weird weather seems to claim it as it’s own) whose slogan is, “Don’t Like the Weather??? Just Wait A Minute”. Stupid Weather.

I’ve been feeling vaguely guilty at looking forward to 9/11 this year. Every year tensions seem to rise, people are more on alert to strange behavior and completely worried some new catastrophe will befall them. But my little one was BORN on that day and so is turning TWO this year. And even though we don’t celebrate birthdays, it just really seems like a big milestone in the life of someone who is only almost-two. So I’m counting down the days and every one ELSE is just preoccupied with trying NOT to think about it. Tick, Tick, Tick…


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