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i am neck deep in laundry. I have to wash all the blankets and stuff from the guestroom because there are wads of cathair all over everthing! Then I have to move all the bins and stuff I’ve been storing in there. I’ve mentioned the clothes swap parties i’ve had, right? I’m planning another one for October and i’ve got TONS of clothes in bins just waiting for it.

I’ve got drying laundry and art supplies (i.e. junk) all over the dining room. At the moment the diningroom table is divided in half….half is piled high with MY art stuff and the other half is Bella’s stuff….glitter, pieces of paper she’s cut into a jillion bits, toys etc. I told her a few minutes ago that we have to empty off the table TODAY and her eyes got BIG and round…

….it’s gonna take us awhile to do.
One of the treasures i found at goodwill was a cd-rom called Barbie Screen Style. It’s got screen backgrounds, sound scenarios, icons and cursors that are barbie styles from the last sixty years or so. Very Kitschy….Currently my cursor is a pink gloved hand and instead of an hourglass while the computer is ‘thinking’, the fingers count to five on the glove. It’s awesome!

Since I started changing some of the icons on my screen to Barbie high heels and purses, I realized that I needed to update some of my other icons as well. I never did get them all moved over to my laptop from Richie’s. So I spent wayyyy too long last night downloading and installing new icons. That is one of those things that you start doing thinking it will only take a minute or two and before you know it, the whole night has gone by. I hate it when that happens. On the upside, I replace all my birdie icons with high heels and art supplies. Hee hee…

I have to do some research and see if there is a goodwill facility around here

where they sell off all their furniture and bigger items.
(Anyone know where it is??)
There are always lots being donated to the store around back and never ever any on the sales floor so it must be getting shipped off somewhere!
Richie and I are teaching Bella to sound out words lately and while I was there, I got a book based on a PBS show called, ‘between the lions’ that teaches phonics. The book has like one word on each page and this morning she was trying to sound them out all by herself. She was SO proud. She also finally figured out how to whistle and is particurly excited about that!
Here are the girls in the Marshall’s dressing room..…they were tired…..
OH….and while we were at Marshall’s to get Mia some shoes, they had ALL these shoes and clothes for three and five dollars! SO FUN. I found bella some long sleeved shirts for two bucks. I got her a dress that came with a matching belt and sweater for ten dollars. And also a dress that came with a matching doll dress for like seven. Sweet Deals, man! The only downside was that the stuff we were actually THERE to shop for weren’t on sale. So Mia’s shoes were on sale but not clearance prices. Still, they are totally cute…. (more on that another day)….

Onwards and upwards!


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  1. Wow, Bella has Big Hands, they are shaped like mine. Such cute pix, I love the one in the dressing room! Love You, Mom

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