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September 27, 2007 at 11:29 am | Posted in Photography | 4 Comments

So today I’m seriously considering the pros and cons of starting a Typepad Blog and moving my daily…weekly…(er…whatever) rantings over there. So far this is what I’ve found:


Easier for folks to download to read It’s new and novel and I love new and novel The ‘strikeout’ feature for writing drama (me likey drama!)


No ability to change fonts in specific entries without changing the font of the WHOLE blog. I have to figure out the interface and how to do stuff all over again…. A year or so’s worth of content down the tubes ’cause I will have to start from scratch all over again….UGH It looks like you can’t use outside html when creating widgets. So I’d have to upload all my photos (jillions) to THEIR site and re-create all my slideshows and whatnot. (DOUBLE UGH)

Anyone have some input to add here? I’d love to hear it.

ANOTHER BIGGEE in life today… the last week, by camera died. Kaput. Dead as a doornail. It is now null and void. It won’t even turn on. Hitting it, replacing the batteries and also calling it foul names have not helped. Hubby took it over to Best Buy (or "Buy More" as it is referred to on the new show, "Chuck") and they are gonna let us know if there is any hope for it. They may or may not be charging us for providing us this insight. Also, hubby didn’t know about the permanent blob on the screen that appears on all the pictures… that will not be addressed in the examination. SOOOOO….I have my sights set on a spanking new camera. I’ve done research and checked features and prices and have found an online source to purchase what I want for about a hundred bucks cheaper than Circuit City and Best Buy ("buy more" is so much more fitting!) are charging. Now I just have to wait for the crummy techs to return a verdict on the old one before I can justify the purchase. Stupid techs.
Just throw the *%&@$ thing into a volcano already and be done with it!

I, apparently, need substantially more coffee as I am completely grumpy today. Partially because I have no camera to take pictures of the quick-to-disappear wonderful fall colors all around me as well as each and every adorable little face my progeny makes. (just be glad i don’t subject you to the billions of shots of them….there are so many that even their father and grandparents grow weary of them.)

So that is the latest with me.
Typepad angst and camera angst.




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  1. I love typepad. Stay here!
    Once you get the hang of it, it is super easy. If you need help, let me know.

  2. I didn’t have any problem with typepad. Hope you get the new camera! Volcanos are awesome for obliterating incompetent and non-functioning technology.

  3. Works fine, course I didn’t have trouble with the other one. I did notice that the clock is showing me my time, not yours! Hope you get a camera soon…love those pictures!

  4. With all the people clamoring for your attention and assistance, I appreciate the offer. My biggest challenge is altering the page without A) paying for an even higher level account and B) not being able to alter the html to personalize it. So far I got the banner up and personalized the colors. Those have been my biggest hurdles….along with moving over the archives. Also, I have to agree — the help files have been VERY helpful and I try to figure things out myself…otherwise next time I want to change them, I will be too chicken to try to figure it out. I CONQUER ALL I SEE!!! LOL

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