Our Trip to the Fryberg Fair!

October 9, 2007 at 11:25 am | Posted in Uncategorized | 2 Comments

The last week or so has FLOOOOWN by….My camera is miraculously back among the ‘living’. Best Buy claims it was a problem with the batteries. SOOOO NOT. But it is working again so I will be happy with that. I still have my eye on a new camera with an extensive zoom range. I’ll just have to save my pennies and wait for now. Above is a set of pictures from the day the girls and I (and our friends, James, Michelle, and Keith) spent at the Fryberg Fair. My chiropractor cocked his head at a funny angle when I told him about our day and said he didn’t see me as a "Fair kinda gal". Yeah, I like being full of surprises. But dude, I’m a CITY GIRL! Fairs are the HEIGHTH of novelty for me! Love ’em! You just can’t do stuff like go to fairs (except of course for the art and wine street fairs….I miss those…), have hayrides and go apple picking. THAT is the kinda stuff I moved here for! Love it!

This time of year is especially awesome because of the myriads of colors of changing leaves and the cool crisp air when you open the front door. You just HAVE to take a deep breath and smile. This is the time of year when New England really shines. Loving it!!!!

As for the rest of the week….Tomorrow morning we have to leave the house by 8:15 or so to get to Mia’s pediatric appointment. She’s been two for a month and is overdue for her checkup so I had to take the only opening they had. (i missed the last one due to a huge D’oh! on my part) Which means I’ll be getting up when it’s still dark to start my day. I don’t know how people do it. Ugh. Yuck. And BIG WHINE.

I also have two travelling journals to get done and out into the mail. Also an ATC Jam is sitting (somewhere?) in my dining room waiting for me to work on it. I think this will be last jam. I love the concept of them but I hate some people’s styles and it is really frustrating to contribute to a set of cards you hate right off the bat. Not my cup of tea.

I also have some painting to do. Need to paint some bookcases, a shelf, and an oversize mirror. Yesterday I picked up my drop cloth, brushes and some black paint to get things started. I have some other colors around here somewhere. I want to do the bookcases in something funky and unexpected since they’ll be going into the craft/playroom. Purple maybe? We’ll have to see what’s in these mystery cans of paint I’ve got on hand. Can’t even remember what they were originally used for!

I also have some Black Gesso that I want to try out on some square canvases….I saw this set of pictures in a magazine (or online? Who can remember?) that were hung above a bed. They were square and had intensely colored graphic botanical graphics with black backgrounds. I thought a set like that would be really cool… Still haven’t figured out where I’m going to get my hands on some really bold botanical stuff to paint on there. I’m thinking I’ll trace a scanned and blown up image of some leaves….a flower….a handprint….who knows. Too many choices bubbling around in my head at the moment.

I’m still drooling over my copy of Journal Revolution. I wrote a review of it on Amazon.com. If you have even the tiniest creative impulse, check this book out! IT ROCKS and will really help you overcome your fears of not being good enough and give you a push to get going!

I’m thinking that I’ll probably be sticking with Typepad for my blog. It’s got some neat features that make it worthwhile for the time being. The stats are especially cool!

Onwards and Upwards!



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  1. DUDE!!
    Mia is getting so big!! is it just me or is she getting tall?
    Does she tlak a lot more now?
    *kisses* *huge hugs*

  2. love your slideshow…isn’t technology the best!

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