I’m just a hater hatin’ it all….

October 20, 2007 at 7:17 pm | Posted in Music | 1 Comment

Today, I hate Emusic.com

I have been saving up my (pre-paid) downloads so that I could download a bunch of music all at once….like two albums instead of half an album now and the other half the following month. rrgggh… But that is not why I’m hating them. They have changed their site so that the downloader that they forced me to download and run each time I want a song no longer works. They have replaced it with a NEW and LARGER and more INVASIVE downloader which they now say is my only option if I want the songs that I have already paid for. Rrrggh… And yet, that isn’t why I am so steamed either. I am steamed because the downloader that they want me to download is 18 MB (!!) or so…..

I JUST finished weeding out the music files I wasn’t absolutely in love with and deleting some programs and generally ‘cleaning house’ as far as my little old stupid OLD laptop was concerned. And trust me, I’m not a cleaning-house-just-for-the-joy-of-having-a-clean-house type of person. My defrag wouldn’t run because I was so low on unused space. So I was forced to snip snip here and delete there until FINALLY I had enough free space on my harddrive to actually let the thing function properly.

And now they want me to clutter it all up again with a stupid program that is three times as big as the last one. Alright…..MAYBE 18MB isn’t so much to ask….MAYYYBEEE I’m just cranky McCrankster ’cause my house is still a mess, I haven’t started baking or mixing up the dips or anything for tomorrow and the paint isn’t drying fast enough on the mirror I’m painting and wah wah wah I’m just cranky and complaining ’cause i’m tired. wah wah

Oh yeah, and ……the baby pooped in the tub tonight– WHILE we were bathing both girls together. (GAG) So out they came, out their toys came, out came the bleach….bleached out the tub….reinserted the girls and started the whole bathing process over again (with tea tree oil soap just in case there was any icky stuff that I somehow missed). THAT was one of the grossest things EVER. Worse than cat vomit. WAY WORSE. ICK. Doesn’t it just make you wanna run out and have kids???? Oh yeahhhhh…..(severe eye rolling here).


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  1. i hate emusic.com, too! Jerks.

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