October 29, 2007 at 11:31 am | Posted in Music | 1 Comment

Well, I have to say….Emusic has completely redeemed itself.

I went ahead and downloaded their new downloader and harvested my month’s worth of prepaid songs (they are cheaper than itunes and great if you like to discover new music that isn’t so mainstream….no britney spears here, thankyouverymuch ).

Along with their new downloader, I got the browser toolbar. It’s not invasive; I hardly even notice it. But if you use it, there is a button for a free song a day. Now THAT is spiffy if you ask me. And since it is there on my browser, I often even remember to USE it. LOL

Now, Don’t get me wrong– I still love my itunes. But emusic has lots of stuff that itunes will never carry because the bands are new and they aren’t gonna generate much profit for anyone until they get bigger and more popular. They have lots of music searchable by genre, artist, song title, album, and recording label. They even have recommendations based on your likes and they have lots of user lists similar to what you’ll find on Amazon.com (and who doesn’t love THEM??).

My favorite things so far to download from emusic is comedian bits and ‘world’ music. I discovered some great bands like Samite (they were playing them in the chiropractor’s massage room), Bebel Gilberto (her songs appear on too many Movie soundtracks to count so when I was first checking her out, all her songs sounded SO familiar – AMAZING voice), and some great French Pop Music (love!).

Other bands that are up-and-comers that I’ve downloaded from there: Cary Brothers, White Rabbits, Effcee, Matthew Perryman Jones (his single was played in the season finale of Kyle XY and I heard it on another tv show recently too), Cat Power (very much CHICK ROCK), and The Decemberists (featured on a couple episodes of The Colbert Report).

This week’s episode of Smallville (or now that I think of it, maybe it was another show) had this really cool song, "Bloody Bunnies (Superficiality)" by Gram Rabbit and lo and behold, they had it on emusic!

Okay, Okay, I Know I am completely contradicting myself from the other day’s post…..but I am here to say that I am glad that I didn’t cancel my subscription to www.emusic.com afterall. They are cheap and varied and I always find lots of neat stuff on there. So well, just ignore my rantings of the other day. I have had my prescribed daily chocolate and coffee and I’m feeling far less crabby and more myself….well, I AM kinda crabby by nature….but you-know-what-I-mean.


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  1. I’ve been needing new music and you have great taste so I will check out those bands.
    Are there any new cookies I must try?

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