Frothy Goodness

November 2, 2007 at 4:20 pm | Posted in coffee | 1 Comment

Two days AFTER a large-ish earthquake shook northern CA (where a big part of my family lives), I actually HEARD about it.

Since I rarely watch the news (except for The Daily Show and/or The Colbert Report and let’s see….also the weather channel), I was completely unaware of anything going on in CA except for the wildfires and ever-rising gas prices. So where did I finally get this info that everyone seemed to know about but me??? My mom sent me an email to let me know that a few things fell off of some shelves but they were okay. I inferred from her email that there had been some sort of big event, likely an earthquake, but didn’t know for sure until subsequent emails confirmed this. Several days later, I also got a text message from my sister in CA saying basically the same thing.

What the…???

So I’m wondering— Am I the only person who remains completely out of touch with the outside world for a good percentage of the time? In my defense, I will add that every couple of days I listen to NPR but basically I only learn about things going on in other countries and newsbyte coverage on whatever special programming will soon be appearing on our local public broadcasting television channel.

Okay, after admitting my HUGE CAVERNOUS IGNORANCE OF EVENTS, let’s see…..what else is new??

After the clothes swap I hosted, I loaded about five bajillion yard-size garbage bags of clothes and whatnot into my van and then unloaded them at Goodwill. In so doing, I pulled a muscle in my back and one in my shoulder. Why do I never accept help when it is offered??? STUpid STUpid STUpid.

In other news…..

I have laid to rest my old espresso maker.

Given my caffeine addiction, this is a major milestone in a life such as mine…..

As much as I adored it when it first moved in to my kitchen, I have equal LOATHING for it now. I had it for like a year and in that short lifespan, ALL of the inner seals died and towards the end, only drip coffee was dribbling out of the espresso nozzles and it was filling the container (that should have contained frothy milk) with water. This goes beyond annoying when you are jonesing for that morning-ish caffeine rush and you take that first sip of weak liquid, completely devoid of taste AND caffeine. No WONDER I was getting all those headaches. D’oh!

So now I have a NEW love. Coffee

After searching high and low (online of course….who actually comparison shops in physical stores anymore??) for an espresso maker (with frothing capabilities) in my price range (all the really spiffy ones were out of my league completely….I could have spent the same amount of money on gas to take me all the way to the nearest starbucks AND paid for my latte/mocha AND a pastry AND generously tipped the person who would make my coffee AND paid to have their laundry profesionally dry cleaned AND their shoes shined) ….uh where was I? (I hate it when I get completely distracted by a rant)…

…oh yeah, my NEW LOVE. It is a Farberware FES15B 15-BAR Pump Driven Espresso Machine. Frothy goodness everytime. Looooove.

But Buyer beware….

just because it makes a brimming steaming cup of wonderfully yummy frothy goodness, small flying insects will show NO appreciation for this WHATSOEVER and will still have no reservations about gleefully practicing their backstroke in it.

STUpid bugs….


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  1. My goodness Sondi!
    I am so grateful you are so diligent to your site.
    The news reported NOTHING of the earthquake over here.
    And my friends in Cali told me nothing about Matt, I used to see him almost everyday. I almost backed over his bike one night in my safety vehicle a.k.a. SUV.
    You have given me another lesson in staying in touch.
    Thanks again Sondi!

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