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Dscf0016 Yesterday, the girls and I made cupcakes.

Some containing chocolate chips and kahluah, some with pink orangey-flavored icing, some with orangey-flavored creme cheese frosting with blue food coloring. Some with walnuts. Some without. It was a cupcake making extravaganza! And all the while, I snapped photos of the the girls with fingers and clothes covered in frosting and sprinkles (did I mention the sprinkles?), pictures of Bella clumsily frosting some of the cupcakes as only a cute four year old can do, pictures of cupcake tins filled with yummy delights, pictures of the poor sad cupcake that fell on the floor (frosting side down of course…..the humanity!), pictures of the girls licking the beaters and with faces covered in smears of pink and blue icing…..and on and on….lots and lots of pictures.

After a few weeks (okay, a month) of putting if off, I hooked my camera up to my laptop and turned it on, ready to download a month’s worth of pictures. Imagine my surprise (okay, not so much surprise as sick to my stomach), as I discovered that there were NO PICTURES on my camera, despite the fact that the counter was up to 187!!!!!


After checking the batteries and the memory card, I snapped a few more shots and looked at them on the little screen. Then tried to upload them to my pc and THEY WERE DELETED TOO.

Finally a few photos seemed to actually save to the memory card and I was  able to upload them successfully. But I was close to tears when I realized that a month’s worth of memories were gone. A big clothing swap party with my girlfriends, a day of fun with the girls and a close friend….and various shots of the girls doing cute stuff around the house. ALL GONE. 187 memories GONE FOREVER. *sigh*

Here is a picture after all the cupcake tins were washed and drying on the rack and they were all finished being made and decorated and there were absolutely no more photo ops.

What a day.


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