Friday…..and what’s so good about it???

November 9, 2007 at 7:39 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 1 Comment

Since hubby (aka "breadwinner") is employed by Verizon, every little newsbyte about FairPoint taking them over in our state (and a few others) makes us nervous. They are not pro-union and it would seem that they are already making overtures against the current union.

This translates into money nervousness. If there is a strike, things will be reallllly grim.

In other news, ……I got a big ol’ stack of free downloadable mp3’s from my local starbucks….twice in fact. How can you not love a company that provides comfort in a cup AND groovy tunes??

Had some good news about my family… would seem that my brother is dating ….and someone really cool (and adorable) from all reports. Three cheers for little brothers!

Now for a moment of wonderment. If anyone has an answer to this quandry, I’d really like to hear it. How does anyone with a computer find time to do art? I sign on to my email in the morning and then walk away and then walk back over and check it and then walk away and then walk back and check out my favorite blogs and then walk away and then…….okay, you get the idea here.

Meanwhile, there is dust collecting on my art supplies and deadlines for swaps are looming. The fact that there IS a deadline makes me unable to even look at these projects. What is wrong with me? I’m almost thinking i’m going to have to stop turning on my pc for a few days just to get some stuff done and hopefully my muse will pop on by for a visit.



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  1. Strikes really are the worst, especially in winter when everything seems more expensive. My husband has only a few more days of work and then he’s done until the writers strike is over, which could be a really long time!
    I sometimes wonder how I end up making art when there is email to be checked every 3 seconds. I do make a lot of art while sitting at my desk next to the computer or while I watch tv or when I talk on the phone. I use a headset so my hands are free. Making art makes me feel better about life, so it is something I try to do as often as I can.

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