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Cuppysmirk111407 She did it!

"What did she do?", you ask, hardly caring in the least but can’t help yourself. (it’s only polite, afterall)

WElllll…….Last night I was downstairs vacuuming up the days litter (cheerios, nuts, ground-in organic crackers and various other unidentifiable flotsam and jetsom) when I heard an enormous ‘BOOM!!!!‘ that shook the ceiling above my head.

Richie yells down, "Sondi you had better come up here!".

I, of course, yell back up, "Is anyone hurt??!!".


Walking around her room calmly reading a book was our two year old, clearly oblivious that anything unusual had gone down. Mia had FINALLY escaped from her crib under her own power. She has had the skills to climb and conquer for quite some time but has been too chicken to do it up until now. We’ve been explaining to our four year old that Mia didn’t need a big girl bed until she started climbing out of her crib. And since we were planning on getting a bunk bed to make the most of the space in their shared room, the first thing Bella asks as I enter the room is, "Momma can we get a bunk bed now? Cuppy climbed out her crib! Can we?? Can we???"


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