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Today has been a day for finishing up projects….

"What???", you say.

"She never finishes ANYTHING!!!! Is she just blowing smoke up my butt as usual?? I bet she is."

Well, ordinarily that might be an appropriate reaction. But I actually DID stuff today!

….let me explain. First off, I got my thyroid meds upped by a whopping 30% earlier in the week. This may not sound like a big deal but it’s like an extra mega dose of caffeine –only it lasts all day long until you drop of exhaustion at the end of the day. Let me tell you— this is Sah-whhheeet.

….soooo….to the right here (or sort of above depending on the size of your browser window) you will see my laptop as of this morning. Notice the pile of junk and container of cheerios and whatnot? (and that is relatively empty …it’s a total dumping ground) Hardly the creative environment needed for the stimulation of fabulous creativity.

I hooked myself up to some tunes (with a bit of Jim Gaffigan and Maria Bamford thrown in for spice).  It’s truly amazing how little the whining of small children bothers you with headphones on. (MUH HA HA HAAA) Then I got busy and totally emptied off my desk – CLEANED it even! I got out the spray and a towel and wiped off the grime and little pieces of paper and EVERYTHING.

After that, (since I could now find my stuff) I finished up the Round Robin spread that I should have sent off like two weeks ago (sorry, gals). Then I finished up my idea-inspiring tag thingees that I was making from an idea in Linda Woods (and her seester, Karen’s) book Visual Chronicles. I started two of these idea tag rings in different sizes like MONTHS ago….painted the backgrounds, glued on some important words and some images….then they disappeared somewhere, scattered around at the bottom of a ‘mystery pile’ on my desk.

I was proud enough just doing that, but THEN I finally hurdled my final goal which was to move my laptop OFF of the diningroom table (where it has sat around in it’s own filth since the day I first got it) and into my craft/play room. I had to move it around to get the wireless connection to actually connect but in the end– success!

And thennnn….I hunted down some picture hanging doo-dads, pounded them into the wall (um, hopefully the ugly gashes of plaster where i used the wrong doo-dads don’t show up in the picture). Then I hung my shelf that started off life in a goodwill bin the boring color of plain ol’ wood. I painted it a couple months ago but still hadn’t hung it. So I hung it and filled it with my rainbow of acrylic paints (so now I can actually see what I have to work with instead of digging thru the plastic drawer muttering to myself "the blue has GOT to be in here somewhere grumble grumble"). The last three pictures are of my new swanky setup.


My thinking is that if I am actually SITTING

at my craft table while surfing various

blogs, I may actually pick up a pair of scissors and some glue and CREATE SOMETHING instead of spending my ever-expnding stretch of days just looking at other people’s art and thinking, "hmmm….I should totally TRY that!". This is my thinking anyway. I may actually get to the PILE of circle journey books you can see in the middle of my desk. (again, sorry gals) Only time will tell if this fabulous organization will make me fabulously MOTIVATED (but so far, so good).

So, obviously, (after that overly-detailed saga of my day) I’m totally proud of myself. I ROCK.

(to see how MUCH I TRULY ROCK, you can click on these pictures for bigger versions)




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  1. Looks great, and you definitely rock!

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