My Internal Teenage Self is SO disgusted…

November 26, 2007 at 11:49 am | Posted in Food and Drink | 1 Comment

Friday and Saturday were STRESS days….getting ready for the "family dinner" on Saturday. I cooked for a couple hours Friday night to get a jump start on things and then finished up the cleaning and cooking on Saturday. In theory, this dinner was to celebrate our 9th wedding anniversary but it was at OUR HOUSE because we are behind in taking our turn to host the monthly family dinner. Nov2407dinner_4

By Sunday I could take a deep breath and let it out completely….no more stress. I swear, my digestive system shut down for the whole week leading up to that dinner. And I could barely stand up because my back and shoulders are so spasmed…. To say that I ‘internalize‘ stress would be the understatement of the year. But Today is one of the best days of the week because it is the day I go to the chiropracter….snap crackle pop and then the massage therapist tries to get the spasms to shrink to a more managable size. (Her and I joke that I have extra bones in my shoulders because the muscles are hard as rocks and don’t untwist even after an hour of poking, prodding, and excrutiating pain.)

One upside to giving a dinner party at my place is that I could use my ‘new’ vintage dishes. I used my ‘fancy’ dish set with the silver rims that were given to us at our engagement party. I hated them at first because they were so girly (and therefore "not me") but over the years they have kind of grown on me and now I sorta like them because I’m going thru this pink phase for some reason. I am trying to fill my house with vintage items that are pink, robin’s egg blue, and red. I know, weird sounding combo but just looking at them brings a smile to my face. I’m sure if I sat in a therapist chair for a few dozen hours I could figure out why they trigger happy chemicals for me but for now I’m happy to say that they make me happy. Weird how certain colors do that. (for years my favorite color was french country yellow and now i can barely stand it. go figure.)


So I cleaned off the ancient cook stove in my kitchen (unusable currently due to expensive chimney issues) which basically is a landing strip for anything I carry into the kitchen (that needs to be put away but i’m not sure where – so any flat surface will do).

I organized the stuff that actually belongs on it into my spiffy vintage Robin Canisters. I think it turned out way cute….i’m biased though so that is just me.

And the11232407_049n I reorganized my overstuffed (again, with stuff that just needs to be put somewhere and I don’t know where) china cabinet to show off my ‘new’ vintage pink pyrex. I grew up hating the color pink (more ‘despising’ really) and now I want to bring home every stupid piece of junk that is pink whether I need it or not. So far I’m resisting pretty well the tacky (but ADORABLE) array of hello kitty merchandise and kitchy dollar store items…. but when it is FUNCTIONAL and pink, that tests the limits of my resistance and then it ends up in my cart. One of my pink pyrex pieces was sitting on a goodwill shelf marked 99 cents. If you have ever tried to purchase a piece of vintage pyrex, you know how ridiculously cheap this is. I squealed with delight and then looked suspiciously over my shoulder to see if there was anyone nearby who might be drawn over to see what fabulous deal I was finding and might try to bogart my treasure….because of course then I scoured ALL the dish area to see if there were other treasures lurking in some shadowy corner, just waiting for me to find them.

There were, of course. I found a bunch of pieces of dishes from a fabulous 50’s china pattern….my new love! (see picture above) They match my ‘good’ china in color AND my pink pyrex! JOY! RAPTURE! How sadly girly is it that I get so excited over dishes these days? My internal teenage self is completly disgusted with me. Oh well, the only possesion she really had was a clunky old pea green car coughing along on it’s last legs….so she has no real point of reference for how awesome my dishes are.



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  1. My inner teen age self loves your pink pyrex! retro stuff is too cool for school!

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