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Collage1 Well, here’s a peek into our little winter wonderland out here in Maine. It’s been chilly, the air is crisp, and the wind bracing. The sun is shining though so life is good!

(if you want to look closer, just double click on the picture)

Here are a few snaps of my little couch floor potatos….they were actually bundled up to go off to their grandparents for a little stay.


They were so excited they could barely sit long enough for the pics to be taken. But the bottom right corner is a little more representative of them on dark cold winter days.

I’ve been undergoing an interesting (likely only to me, but WHATEVER)Dec142007_29 transformation, color-wise lately. Not sure if it is just the normal progression of things or the change in seasons…For the longest time my favorite colors (both to decorate and create with) have been Garnet Reds, French Yellow, and Cobalt Blue. And suddenly I dread pulling my yellow coffee cup out of cupboard. It almost turns my stomach to look at it. WEIRD.

CollageMy current palette seems to be made up of colors that I hated (and I mean DESPISED. Looking at them stressed me out and made me angry) which are pink, turquoise and milk glass. It’s not clear but sort of a pearlized white. It’s almost like I’m entering the "shabby chic" era about a decade too late. Bizarro. For examples of these colors in my work, check my art page at .

Here is a little cannister set that I transformed. It arrived in the mail as a deep yellow but covered in rust. As I sanded away the rust,Yellow I started to really like the bright sunny (not so gold) yellow that appeared but there were just too many rust spots to leave it that color. (Oddly enough, one of the weird spots even leached thru the paint layers on the ‘coffee’ part of it. ) So I sanded it,  inside and out, to get what rust off that I could. Then I painted the insides with a rust proofing acrylic and spray painted the outsides. Then I brought it back inside from drying on the porch (and wiped off the snow that had fallen on it while I wasn’t paying attention.) Then I re-attached the cool knobs and viola! STORAGE!!


Here is a before and after, as it sits now on my craft desk, ready to be filled with scrips and scraps. 


In other news, I’ve started working on another travelling journal. You can see the envelope on the middle of my messy creative art desk. I promised to do fifteen pages in fifteen days and then mail it back. Then it’ll get sent on to someone else to add their fifteen pages. AND I WANTED TO ADD A BIG HI AND HOW’R’YOU to my new friend Stephanie in Belize. When it rains stephanies, it POURS stephanies! So hello to you, my dearest Tess (Stephanie my sis), Stephanie M And Stephanie in Belize!! Happy creative days to you!!


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