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It’s interesting…the psychology behind collage sometimes. I’ve been starting some of my collages with random colors and then just grabbing random bits of paper and gluing them down. Then, as the pages start to fill up, a theme (sometimes color, sometimes emotional) starts to emerge. This one startled me a bit as it developed and I realized how strong the emotions I had bubbling away under the surface. By the time I finished, I realized that I better lay off the sugar and caffeine ’cause I was downright weepy…..weird how that can happen…

I heard that ebay is running this tagline that says something like, "give a gift that says ‘I Get You’, not ‘i got you something’". And I started thinking about how few of the people you know and like actually really GET YOU. And then, when someone that you care about and love spending time with and who you REALLY think ‘gets you’ doesn’t want to spend time with you anymore and phases you out of their life…..what does that say about the kind of person you are??? Because, either there is something fundamentally toxic about you that makes them run, OR they never really got you at all and you were just too dumb to notice. Either way, self doubt does more than ‘creep’ in at this point. It breaks down the door and barges into the room and starts beating you to a bloody pulp and leaves you half dead and bleeding on the floor.

(So yeah, I have some issues…. LOL)



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