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First_2 Here is the first of the fifteen pages I’m working on for the round robin 15-page journal. It is the smallest in size and the most simple and yet, it took me the longest to complete. Thanks, mom for the awesome starbucks tissue paper! The feathers along the bottom are real feathers attached to brown ribbon (to make it easier to attach). I loved the warm colors of this one…probably because I’m ffff-freezing! Today there are some gusty winds kicking up the snow that fell over the last two days. Our house has been warmer lately except for the gusty blustery days. On those days, the wind is large and in charge and finagles it’s way in thru all the little cracks and crevices. The plants above my kitchen sink are actually MOVING in the breeze. SO NOT COOL……(COLD more like it. Har har…)


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  1. The first word out of my mouth when your page loaded was “Oh!” (said in a pleased kind of way that you say when you see something that you just instinctively “get”. It’s kind of like seeing your own favorite style of funky art brought to life by another artist and you think, “Wow. There ARE other people in the world who see things like I do!” It’s wonderful that you’re sharing your talent in this way with the traveling journal world. I’m sure that others will be inspired by your art. It’s such a selfless thing to put all of that time and effort into something that you could easily sell and allow it to travel into other artists’ homes to delight and inspire. You’ve inspired me to get some bird stamps for sure! I love the whole theme. If you put this on a canvas you could hang it right on the wall.

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