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Teresepostcard First Off  — Here is an awesome, truly homemade postcard that my friend, Terese sent me. It’s a large photograph attached to cardstock with a message and address on the back. The picture is a snowangel with a face and heart drawn on. How cool is that??? I love it!!!

Second — I’m playing around with some ideas for a new title bar on this webpage. I’m looking for feedback. Please leave me a comment on the one that feels right to you for this site – A., B., or C. ?

A. is the original snowy birdsBirdbannerfadededge

B. has the tiny mom and daughter in the lower left hand corner


C. has a brain and pink flowers on the left


So whaddya think???

I’m awaiting your thoughts with eager anticipation!!!!

Just click on ‘comment’, below!

I’m thinking perhaps that my least favorite part of choice #2 is the font. So here is a replacement for choice #2. Hmm….any better?




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  1. How fun! Hmmm . . . I vote for number three. I think that it best represents your style as an artist. I like the happy fifties housewives and the roses in the corner, it’s very balanced and well laid out. I do love the mom and little girl in the 2nd one. I just don’t love the font as much because it reminds me of Dr. Seuss and although I love Dr. Seuss it seems to me to be a little bit cartoony (is that a word?) for your retro collage style. Unless you’re branching out into that area as an artist . . . The silhouette of the little girl in the 3rd one is adorable. Yes, the bottom one is my favorite I think.

  2. I like the replacement for #2 (the last one).

  3. im on board with the last one as well it has nice bold black font and i also like the background , its the color combo that ultimate grabs me ,,,, cool web art getup

  4. I like the third one. It made me smile and stood out immediately as “i like that one”. It really seems like Sondi as well.

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