Collaging My Heart Out…

December 25, 2007 at 1:13 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | Leave a comment

BarnleftOver the past few days, I’ve been experimenting with a more bold and color-full collage style. 

I’ve been hunting around for ‘challenges’ but everyone seems so preoccupied with xmas and holidays that there isn’t much out there that interests me to work on. So I’m just trying to be more random and less calculated in my work. The more I think about the collage while gluing, the more critical I seem to become. And I finally did some actual JOURNALLING in my art journal. I added some of the images to my site. A couple pages I will just keep to myself because they are more about the stuff tumbling around in my brain than art. Resolving conflict within is usually not very pretty (literally and figuratively). I did add one page that has some strong (negative) emotions in it but I think I loaded it Kicked_2small enough that you can’t really make out the words (hopefully). I liked the structure of the journalling so I thought it was worth adding. Spending more time printing the words in a more artistic style made me stop and think about the words I was writing which I think made it more concise and less rambling…not sure. It’s something I want to experiment with more.

I’m also trying to decide on a new book to alter. I have a house shaped one but i want something more vague and less associated with any given theme. I tried an oversize map book but it seems to small. I’ve used my blank art journal but I want to have more texture going on in the background….I think I’ve found a good medium size book with lots of writing and few pictures that I think will work well. So now i’m in the process of gluing together pages to make them stronger and more able to stand up to the layers of glue/paint/paste/etc. that will be applied to them.


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