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Well, I’ve taken the input on the titlebar under advisement. I updated it and decided that I will just have to switch it out every so often. One of the websites I read fairly frequently changes out the title bar every month or two, just to keep things interesting. I like that idea so I think I will try that. The snowy birds just seemed so odd all summer, as much as I liked them.

Happy_2This morning has been pretty quiet (especially after our mini snow storm last night). I fed the girls, re-hung the mailbox (fricker! fracker! gricken! schlicken! snark!) and then took out the trash and tried to finish up some ATC’s   that I’d started a couple days ago. Working without a set theme is practically impossible. There are just too many choices and I get bogged down in them, losing all ability Man_2to make a decision. What is up with that??? I did finish up a handful or so but there are more than that sitting there half finished that I think will just get returned to the box to be worked on next time.


I tried some ‘inchies‘ the other day. They are next to impossible! I mean, actually creating something one inch square is easy peasy. Making something INTERESTING TO LOOK AT that is one inch square is just impossible. Not enough room! No way! Plus I’ve got these big ol’ sausage fingers trying to manuever around with sticky glue and whatnot on this teeny tiny surface. Not my idea of fun. Singing_2So I made a handful of inchies and another handful that were double that size.  I have no idea what a 2 inch square work of art is called. Does anyone do those? (I recently found out that a 3×5 inch piece of artwork is called a ‘skinny’. who knew??) Inchiescrop4_2

ANYWHOoooo….Here is how they turned out and you can see the source of my frustration. Stupid little pieces of paper! ARRGGHH…

THE REST are uploaded to my art site:


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  1. Hey girl! I feel your pain – my mantra lately has been, “Just glue it down already! Even if it’s not perfect, it’s not the end of the world, life will go on”. Now actually following my own advice has proven to be a bit harder . . .
    I don’t know what’s wrong, but your links to your art site aren’t working in this post or the last one that referenced it. Maybe a broken link? Just a heads up.

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