Catching Up

January 2, 2008 at 10:17 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | Leave a comment

The last few days have been snowy….

yet another meeting cancelled due to snow. Lots of time to hole up in my art room with glue and scraps and snips and tidbits of this and that! I’ve been making an effort to try as many new techniques lately as I can. I uploaded some more collages to my FEELING ARTY site and today I tried a challenge posted by Wednesday’s stampers (see my challenges link list if you’d like to give it a whirl!). The theme was Gothic Arches, which they claim is an up and coming new format for mixed media pieces. Sure, why not….

Below is my contribution….was in a goofy mood today. One of these days I’ll get my medications balanced. LOL


Other than the art I did, I sharpened my scissors, replaced my razor blade (nothing worse than rips and tears due to faulty equipment), found some supplies that had been sorta….uh…missing (yeah, it’s a mess in here, AGAIN)….also found a bunch of rubber stamps that I (1)hadn’t used in a while, (2)hadn’t used at ALL, and (3)hadn’t finished constructing and USED THEM ALL!! I was quite proud of myself! Then I attempted to clean off the diningroom table….still lots of piles of stuff on it but I managed to empty off enough to at least remove the tablecloth…so that’s SOMETHING.

I also backed up some photo files, sorted thru some clipart and deleted some really ugly images that I have no idea why I was saving. This laptop has no extra memory space and using what little it has to store ICKY stuff is just boneheaded. Over the weekend I also downloaded a host of free fonts. Since switching from ‘the family’ computer to my laptop, I have really felt kinda creatively cramped without my arsenal of fonts. So that took like most of the day yesterday. Ugh. But TOTALLY worth it. Bummer that I can’t use them on here unless I upload them as a picture. Arrgghhh

So, except for dishes and cooking and cleaning and mundane stuff like that, that was pretty much my last couple of days. Oh wait, completely forgot….on Sunday we brought the girls to a kids’ sledding party.

WHAT AN UNDERTAKING….first had to snap/zip/button/stretch/squirm them into their many layers of playing-in-the-snow clothes, then loaded the little snowpeople into the van and drove over to our friend’s place, an hour away. We got there and the girls played outside for a total of eleven minutes….then they REALLY started to party..aka, consume large amounts of sugar and run in circles screaming like banshees. Fortunately, most of the other kids were doing the same thing so ours mostly blended in….except for when the noise levels died down and ONLY ours were still shrieking and exhibiting signs not unlike hardcore heroin addicts.

After two hours, they were still going strong and Richie and I were completely exhausted and ready to head home. Even though I drank two cups of coffee at the party, I laid down on the couch when we got home and promptly fell ASLEEP. At six o’clock. Yowsa, that was a day.



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