January 4, 2008 at 3:14 pm | Posted in sick | 2 Comments

As per usual, I am sick. This is normal….I am ALWAYS sick to one degree or another (just call me typhoid mary….’cause somedays I say ‘to heck with it’ and I go out in public ANYWAY). A day that I wake up without being swollen, aching, and icky is so unusual that, when it DOES happen, I want to sing and dance because all the world is suddenly a glorious place!

But over the last few days, not only have I been sick (fevers, etc), but my babies too. NOT COOL.

The littlest one seems just fine today. The fevers off and on yesterday seem to have done their job and burned off most of the virus. She won’t even nap today, she’s feeling so feisty.


My biggest little one is a different story though. Her bad daddy took her out last night against doctor’s ( orders and now she is ONE VERY SICK little person. Poor baby. AFTER the baby medicine, her fever is a tad over 100F. Nothing freaks you out or makes you feel more helpless than your little person being sick. But over the last hour she seemed to be a bit hungry and just a minute ago she was asking how much longer she had to stay laying on the couch. That’s a good sign.


SickcropOn the upside today, the sun is shining brightly and its warm glow is streaming in thru the windows. The wind isn’t blowing and the house is actually cozy and warm inside. Always a good thing.

Jan08_038And, as an added bonus, my happy little flower is blooming in the window today. Nothing like flowers in the dead of winter to remind you that life is full of unexpected little happy miracles.   



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  1. Sorry to hear that you and the girls have been sick. Love your pink plant – very cheery! Get well! Sue

  2. I hope all of you get better soon. The two weeks before Christmas break Montana was fighting some kind of virus. He would have a fever(usually in the morning) and then it would be gone later in the day and her would be up and playing. Then I would take him to school thinking he was fine and I would get a phone call in the afternoon that he broke out in a fever. He has been fine these whole two weeks of Christmas break. I know it is hard to see your little ones sick, especially with a fever. It just broke my heart to see Montana not feeling well. Take care and get better :o)

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