We are SO Breaking Up, Buster!

January 9, 2008 at 2:23 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | Leave a comment

Well’s it’s official.

I had to lay down the law and break up with emusic. I didn’t want to. Having that little button on my browser that lets me get a free song a day was very titillating. Unfortunately, last month, EVERY SINGLE STINKIN’ DAY, the only thing emusic had to offer was christmas music in all it’s many forms….classical xmas, pop xmas, xmas rap, people-i-hate-anyway singing xmas favorites…..you get the idea. 31 days or so of FREE xmas music for me, personally, is not a bargain. I reduced my per month songs from 30 to 15, and in the process, he (emusic, not the singer of xmas tunes) cheated me out of a month’s worth of songs….the jerk.

While I thought that perhaps slowly phasing emusic out of my life would be subtle and he’d take the hint and go sell his wares elsewhere, this was not the case. STILL he sent me emails trying to lure me to download more songs by artists I’d never heard of and/or didn’t want to meet. I DID actually gave most of these artists and/or bands a chance. About 1 in 20 were not too bad. Emusic does have lots of comedic routines available for download (like three jokes per download)…..LOTS AND LOTS of international music. And lots of music that they don’t even play on the oldies stations anymore because of lack of interest or maybe just because most folks with the technological savvy nec. to download music from the internet are too young to even know who these artists are.

I thought that ten bucks a month initially for 30 downloads was quite the bargain. But month after month, I had to really WORK to find 30 things I wanted to take up room on my harddrive. Spending two days ‘interviewing’ new music is very time consuming. (And if your bandwith is not so reliable, it’d probably take quite a bit longer.)Most months I just used it up with comedic routines since I couldn’t find any good music to download. The other months, I mostly downloaded french and german pop music and remixes. Last month I switched to a five buck a month plan that allows you 15 downloads and access to the daily free songs, provided you are willing to add their toolbar to your browser (which I suspect is why my browser is forever crashing…arrgghhh).

Yesterday, I used up some of my remaining downloads to get some GREEK bands doing Depeche Mode covers. Probably not something you’d find on itunes. But still, not really what i was initially in the market for. Then I added to my Paris Combo song collection (they rock) and picked up a little this and that which I will give a listen to and see if they grow on me. Not really anything that I could say, "WOW, this is AWESOME!! I’m so glad I found it!!!". So….not a banner day for the discovery of new tunes.

So, like I said, it was time to end it.

Hasta la pasta, emusic!


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