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I’m not sure if you ever have days like this, but today is what I refer to as a ‘cruddy’ day.

Don’t get me wrong— The sun is shining.

Normally, that alone, in the dead of winter, is enough to turn the corners of my mouth up, make my eyes shine brightly, and add that little bounce to my step.

Today, however, those warm sunny rays are lighting up the darkened corners of the room where the layers of dust and formerly unseen tangle of cobwebs are hiding. They are highlighting all the dead leaves in my plants. (Yes, I actually am able to maintain living plants, believe it or not ***)

I am suddenly struck by the fact that EVERY room of my house is in shambles….I think even the closets are a mess today. I escape the cacophony of one room, only to be overwhelmed by the piles of dirty dishes on every flat surface in another. I escape THAT room, only to notice the dust bunnies and accumulated cat hair (which occurs literally overnight as the large hairy beasts play their nightly game of middle-of-the-night-tag and hide-and-jump-out-and-chase ) lining the walls in the next room. I escape THAT space to find EVERY laundry basket we own filling up the the next room, each basket FULL of laundry waiting to be folded and put away. And did I mention the piles of towels and other laundry piled up in front of the washing machine waiting their turn? UGH.

Despite my normal ration of caffeine, I’m scurrying from room to room, trying to tackle at least the beginning of the mess in that room and feeling completely overwelmed at the futility of it all…..not helped by the fact that shadowing along BEHIND me are my scampering little mess-makers strewing the socks and other peices of clothing on the edges of the laundry baskets around the room, hiding slippers and toys in corners and under cushions, smearing apple sauce and ‘cheeze’ on the floor and chairs, scattering bits of cereal and crackers and stuff-i-can-no-longer-identify under the tables and other furniture. Calgon, take me away. Seriously, …….NOW!

***I have discovered the secret to keeping living plants when you have a ‘black thumb’. There are two types of black thumbed persons– OVER water-ers and under water-ers. Over watering people just need to grow ivy and spider plants. Underwatering people grow cactus and aloe. Tada! Find out which catagory you fall under and MIRACULOUSLY, it now appears as if you know what you are doing and you are surrounded by many air cleaning entities.


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