Sunday night SUM UP…

January 13, 2008 at 10:41 pm | Posted in sick | Leave a comment

Not too much going on over here….I’ve had this stupid head cold/flu thing since I woke up on Wednesday morning. My head zone thinks its a cold (sinus ick and using up every kleenax box in the house) and the rest of me thinks it is the flu (achy, whiny, tired, etc etc). Yay.

I’ve done a couple of things that i’ve added to my feelingarty site and wrote up a few articles for the braintrust site that my mom helps write articles for. I can always use a little more art supply money!

Speaking of writing….can you believe how long this writer strike has lasted??? I don’t know about anyone else….but my life has become much richer while it’s lasted. (sorry writers and income-dependant-persons of writers!!)

As much as I miss ‘my shows’, I have been getting way more creative projects done and had quite a bit more quality time cooking and being a housewifey-mom-type person. Granted, most of my tv watching usually happens after the kids go to bed. But all that quiet time has made more time for listening to the radio and trying out new art techniques, reading, using more of my art supplies that I’ve been saving for ‘someday’. You know, actually HAVING A LIFE outside of the lives of tv characters. SAD SAD SAD commentary on my life.

Have you ever noticed when you watch a new show or watch the beginning of a movie and they introduce each new character…… The one who is watching tv always ends up being the loser that has no personality….never the lead character. And if it’s a SCARY movie, the tv watcher ALWAYS gets it first…..along with the guy with the bad hygiene and/or sleezy dating practices. 


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