January 14, 2008 at 11:49 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 2 Comments

Originally uploaded by Sondic

We got almost a foot of snow today. So as we stayed inside watching our world turn from color to white, I worked on this mixed-media painting. I used canvas this time (12×12) as I get a little braver….



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  1. Oooohmygosh. I just looked at some of your atc’s in your album. I love them all…and the thing is, I’m not a huge atc fan as a medium, but I love yours! I also like how you created on them sideways ….meaning not like playing card length like I do…I like this orientation better. now I may try to make a few this way instead…it’s more like a square (lol)…if you don’t know, I’m addicted to inchies…squares. lol. anyhow. great to visit your blog again. I will be back. love, love, love your art!!!!!!!! lia

  2. I like your new peice! You have a definate style, and it is nice. Very proud of you! Keep up the great works, looking forward to more.

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