A few recent finds….

January 23, 2008 at 1:29 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | Leave a comment

Since I’ve been doing a little part-time writing work

(and won a $100 prize, how sah-wheeet is that??), I have had a little spending money that I’ve been spending on art supplies, vintage goodwill and ebay treasures, and a little this-and-that. The best thing about having some money jingling in my pocket that have I earned myself (it seems like a long time since I could say that outside of an ebay reference), is that I can spend it without the guilt of knowing that I dipped into the grocery money. Guilt-free purchases are way more fun.

NewtoyHere are some of my recent purchases, of which, I am COMPLETELY sure you are eager to know about. First, is my Ipod Clock Radio. Since I don’t like having LED light shining on my face as I sleep, it is for my art desk. Can you believe I got it at the grocery store for 20 bucks?? I guess they overstocked on last minute xmas gifts. Score!

My next little treasure came in the form of these little salt and pepper shakers. Owls1I’ve been looking for a pair of vintage shakers to use with my vintage dishes. This little couple of owls appeals to my obsession with little fat birds. Plus  they are just so adorable, or as most mainers would say, "cunnin’". Owls2Owls3

Mia likes them so much that she keeps trying to swipe them off my desk. Eventually they will have to get put away into the china cabinet but for now they are going to hang out with me on my art desk.

NewstuffHere is a sampling of some of the great art supplies I’ve picked up in the last couple of weeks: Three sets of boxes of paper alpha stencils in different sizes, one small box of brass alpha stencils, a bag of assorted art tapes in different sizes and colors (goodwill SO rocks), and the white metal rack that they are all crammed into swivels and holds losts of junk. It was less than two bucks at goodwill. Have I mentioned how much goodwill rocks?

And lastly, here is a snapshot of some of the cute wildlife I found wandering around the playroom this morning.



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