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I was flipping through the channels today and happened upon a cartoon featuring a screaming monkey character, waving his arms around in the air and who was in the midst of saying, "I NEED ATTENTION 24 HOURS A DAY!!! WHAT IS LIFE WITHOUT AN AUDIENCE???". I chuckled and thought, "yeah, i know people like that".

Then I thought, hmmmm….in some respects, this isn’t too far from the truth for ME…at least when it comes to certain aspects of my life….Like my art, or pictures I’ve taken…there are some things that are just so much more fun when you get to share them! Creating art can sometimes be food for the soul. But to create it and for it to go unseen and unappreciated is like cooking a great meal that you present on a beautifully adorned table and all the chairs around the table sit empty. Cooking the meal is enjoyable. And of course, eating it is awesome. But the other portions just go to waste without someone to dine with you!

In other news, I got a spanking new camera last night! I was thinking about big purchases in people’s lives as I drove home with the bag sitting in the seat next to me. I think I may have been more excited about getting this camera than other people are about buying a new car. Yes, THAT excited!

So after I brought it home and wrenched open all the layers of plastic and cardboard packaging, I opened the directions (also encased in plastic). Apparently, they attempted to make the directions completely dummy proof and so displayed them as McDonald’s employee instructions. Okay, you are like, ‘huh?". Well, have you ever seen a register at the counter at MCD’s? It is all pictures. No words. Just little picture buttons. Well, that is how these directions were.

Sadly, I am better with words than diagrams it would seem. The first step in setting up the camera was to attach the camera strap. This took me no less than twenty minutes. And imagine my frustration at finally getting it threaded thru one side of the camera, only to find that it was upside down and that I had neglected to first attach the strap that holds on the lens cover. RRRGGG…..

The rest of the set up steps required to set up the basic functioning of the camera weren’t quite so tricky….because I ingored the directions – completely. I pretty much tossed the little booklet out the window and just started playing around with it, pressing buttons at random to see what they did. This method seems to work better for me. What was I thinking– trying to follow the DIRECTIONS???


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