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I thought I would include a little ‘backstory’ on my spanky new camera.

Hubby has been studying two to three nights a week for a tough test for work, not to mention the work breaks, weekends and any spare minute he found to research and memorize the info he needed to know to pass his test. Well, after a full YEAR of cramming every last tidbit of phone equipment safety and whatnot into his brain, he took his test last week in Boston AND PASSED IT!!! WAHOOO!!!

And since our boy, who we are most proud off, passed his test, they gave him (or are supposed to cut him a check soon….any day now guys!) what amounts to a bonus check! So as a ‘thank you’ to me and the girls for his year-long absence while he studied, we got presents! The girls got a trip to Chuck E. Cheese with their daddy and grandpa and one of the girls got to pick out her very own ‘kitty game’ at the software store (which she has been playing non-stop since she brought it home!) AND I GOT MY SPIFFY NEW CAMERA! HURRAH!!!

The best part about this camera is that it has a 12x optical zoom, as opposed to the 3x optical zoom that my crappy, broken down, spot-on-the-lens Fuji camera had. If any of you are unfamiliar with the difference between optical and digital zoom…..optical zoom is when the lens extends and zooms you toward the object you are trying to photograph. Digital zoom is basically just cropping your regular photo to make the object appear bigger once the picture is taken. Digital zoom is such a joke. It’s not really a ‘zoom’ at all…..just a marketing gimmick!



Anyhooo….., the second great feature that this camera has is it’s ability to run on rechargeable batteries. And it can plug into a dock (or printer dock) that will recharge it while you are doing other stuff besides taking pictures. Considering I generally spend a small fortune on AA’s (and then they pile up on the stairs waiting to be taken to be disposed of properly…no landfill, thankyouverymuch), this is an AWESOME feature! HURRAH for rechargeable! And as a sidepoint, did you know that sells refurbished items with a warranty? Pretty spiffy, if you ask me!

I also wanted to share something that my friend, Sue, said that hit the nail on the head. She said, "A camera captures moments in time that become memories. Memories create history, and history shows where we have come from and how we’ve changed. Cars – well, basically 4 wheels that take us from point A to point B and back." That is PRECISELY how I feel about it!


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