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It feels like years since I’ve updated here and, without any art to show for my time, I didn’t feel really compelled to. However, plenty of interesting stuff has been going on so I have lots to write about. Please bare (bear?) in mind that I have a headache in the extreme at the moment so if some of the phrases I type sound odd, it is because a couple of those synapses didn’t quite fire right as they were responding to the pain pulsing through my head.

First off, I want to write about an invitation I got today. It was from a dear friend who was being kind to invite me. However the invite was for a Mary Kay party. Now I have had friends over the years who swear by the stuff and several different friends over the years who have sold it. I even wore it for a bit in my late teens if I remember correctly. But have you ever BEEN to one of these parties? First off, remember, i do not go in public without makeup. That is RULE #1. But at these parties, you are required to remove all makeup (and if you don’t they politely hand you a handy makeup removing towlette to make you finish the job). Then people try not to stare at each other since we are clearly showing all of our flaws. Now women who generally don’t wear anything other than mascara and eyeliner – stop reading now. You have no idea what I’m talking about.

To say that this is a humiliating prospect for me, is quite something since it is difficult to embarrass me. I have gone in public with baby fluids on me, had my breasts leak thru my clothes in public, been peed and pooped and vomitted on…..found foul things in my daughters hair (including once a tick!) in public. I’ve fallen down, ripped my clothes, busted zippers, torn sleeves… name it, it has happened to me….and in PUBLIC. So pretty much, i’m immune to embarrassent. EXCEPT for my makeup.

There is nothing more humbling than removing your makeup, seeing a few of your friends eyes get big as they try not stare and then have the consultant whose only job is to be friendly and tell you how great you look, tell you, "WOW, your coverup works really well. I would never have guessed that your skin was like that underneath."

And sadly, no hole opened up in the ground to swallow me up.

So yeah, I have issues.

Okay, now….on to all the stuff I need to catch up on!

To answer those who have asked, (anyone else, just keep scrolling) I got a Kodak Easyshare Z812 IS. It has a 12x optical zoom and takes pictures with 8.1MP. It also has image stabilization so it doesn’t matter how much my hands shake as I snap the shot. The shutter speed is ever so much faster than my last crappy camera and it’s got all kinds of neato settings that will allow you (it claims and i have not tested this yet) to take pictures of fireworks, celestial bodies, people and things surrounded by snow, flowers, trees, mountains, and about a dozen other things. So far I have tried the landscape, children, and light-behind-the-foreground settings and am most pleased.


Since I loathe the thought of ever even TOUCHING my old camera again, let alone taking another photo with it, I am not taking a picture of my new camera. I did, however, take a picture of the box the camera came in. You will just have to be satisfied with that.

Okay, in other news, my curious four-but-almost-five-year-old daughter was baking cookies with her daddy and wanted to get a closer look at a baking sheet filled with tempting goodness. She managed to burn her top lip half off, poor little thing. (yes, i’m mostly exaggerating)


In case I haven’t mentioned it, my baby brother is getting married and I just found out that the wedding will be taking place the weekend before our D.C. which is in the spring for us but for most people not till the summer. So I don’t fault him for not knowing about it. However, that means that we will be needing to fly to CA, attend a wedding and be back in time to attend the D.C. and not be so exhausted that we sleep right through all three days. Hmm….not sure that can be done. Only time will tell.

Today is one of our rare sunny and fairly warm days and suddenly every little cluttered surface in my home is making me itchy to start my spring cleaning. I even noticed that my fridge needs a good scrubbing and I never notice the inside of my fridge. Come to think of it, my microwave needs a cleaning as well…..I need to start making some lists cause the place is such a mess i’m getting overwelmed. Ugh.

Oh yeah, and even the insects are confused about the weather today because while moving the winter boots and junk, I found a tick. Yes, it is February and there was a tick INSIDE MY HOUSE. I’m not happy.

I’m wondering if it was maybe hiding/living in the heating system and since the circulator went (we have hotwater-baseboard-heating) and the downstairs dropped down to like fifty degrees, it got too cold and so it climbed out in search of somewhere warmer to hide out and prepare itself to pounce on me. I tried to break it’s legs with the vacuum hose and then vacuumed it up. I’m afraid to empty the vacuum now because it will be waiting to have it’s revenge. Eeeek.

Richie took Bella on a roadtrip with his dad down to NY to watch the superbowl with his brother who lives down there. Since Giants fans arren’t really too well liked around here in new england (pats country), they wanted to be with their peeps for the game. It’s been extra quiet around here without the girls playing together and squabbling (MINE!! MINE!! NO MINE!! MAMA, SHE PULLED MY HAIR!!!*sniff**sniff*). But it was nice having the bed to myself and being able to sleep in the middle stretched out with all the pillows and blankets.

In arty news, my altered art book round robin group is starting their new books this year. Since two of the books went missing somewhere between the U.S. and Canadian borders during the last round robin, we decided to all use the same kind of book and just exchange pages each month. We’re using 7Gypsies 8×8 5 ring books. I have yet to work on my cover and my first two pages arrived in the mail over the weekend. Yes – I am behind. Already.

I have two 12×12 canvases primed with an extra layer of gesso and paint and no idea what i’m going to put on them….collage or paint or a combo of both. I also got a hold of a mini quilting iron to use with my next attempt at covering a canvas with wax. While the embossing gun worked to melt the wax, instead of just fixing up the globby bits, i had large rivers of melted wax running down the piece and globbing up the parts I had already smoothed out so i’m thinking the small head of the quilting iron will be extra helpful for my next attempt.

At the moment, my art desk is too messy and piled high with stuff to even work on. I’m actually at this moment typing on my laptop at an awkward angle (killing my back) trying to reach the keypad without toppling or causing an avalanche of the stuff on the table. A lot of the clutter is camera and camera dock/printer related. I need to find a home for my new toys. LOVE being able to print out my own pics. SPIFFY TO THE TENTH POWER!!!

And last but not least, my poor little two year old has been patiently letting me cram her and her puffy winter coat and many layers of sweaters and whatnot under the shoulder straps of her too small carseat. She is well over 30 pounds and has pretty much outgrown the thing. So I found a bigger kid version at Christmas tree shop last night and I’m excited to let her try it out. It was a STEAL so I figured, yeah, its time. And for anyone not from new england, Christmas Tree Shops are a chain of stores that having nothing to do with christmas or any other holiday. They are a upscale surplus store where you can buy anything and everything from shampoo to pyrex to large baskets to carseats. It’s well lit, clean, and fun fun fun. They have lots of household knick knacks and stuff from fancy catalogs so even entering the front doors is exciting for most people because the moment you step through them, you will see at least NINE things you have to have right that moment and will be tortured to leave the store without.

Okay, it is time for me to take a shower (yes, it’s past 2pm) and I will feel more at ease knowing I can check off "update blog" before I scurry off to play catch-up on the other jillions of things on my list that need doing. If you’ve gotten this far in the post, good for you. Lots of chatter for not too much info, I’m guessing. Toodles!



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