Da Girlsssss

February 7, 2008 at 10:30 pm | Posted in In This Moment | 1 Comment


I realized that it’s been awhile since i’ve posted a bunch of pictures of the girls. I’m super duper loving my new camera. The closeups I can take are almost TOO close….in some of the pictures i was looking at today, I could see the dark circles under Bella’s eyes and the dry scaly skin that Mia gets on her cheeks when the air is too cold or dry. I am dreading my camera being turned on ME. Thank goodness nobody around here has any interest in taking my picture. Whew!

The very bottom picture was taken this morning. When I woke up, it was pretty late. Amazingly, I had slept thru the girls screeches and giggles and yelling and crashing and who-knows-what-else. As I emerged from my room and followed the noises I was hearing, I passed by a scattering of two-by-three foot boards that are part of a bookcase (two, actually) that I need to paint (once i decide what room they are going to be in). They had been carrying these heavy boards around the room and stacking them and laying them in different configurations. Then I moved on into the bathroom where the noises and giggles were coming from. Mia was on the high steps next to the sink and Bella looks up guiltily from her spot next to her. She has covered her little sisters face in handsoap and body glitter. Mia was very pleased with her appearance and kept trying to make her tiny two year old mouth say the word ‘glittery’. That alone had me suppressing a grin. Bella was clearly worried that there were going to be some serious repercussions but I just cleaned up all the mess (lots of water as well as face and hand towels are involved in putting on glitter apparently) calmly and then later snuck in some pictures of the glitter.

Frankly, I was just relieved that no one’s hair got cut in the beautification process.   





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  1. Beautiful girls and beautiful pictures!

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