Frozen North

February 13, 2008 at 6:16 pm | Posted in snow | 1 Comment

Today we started the day with snow….LOTS of snow. Then came the rain and slush….then the rain started to freeze as it hit the ground and more rain came along after it. Now the car is coated in a cocoon of ice, sort of like a hard candy shell except not so tasty. The ice is frozen on everything in pretty icicle formations. It isn’t dripping in these pictures. It is frozen that way. The power lines are sagging under the weight of the ice and the tree branches are bent to the ground under the weight of it. The power has been flickering on and off here and there during the afternoon. It hasn’t gone out for longer than a count of four or five so far but I’m thinking it may go off for good anytime now so if you don’t hear from us for a few days, that would be why.

Around here, no power = no heat, no water, no toilets, no hotfood. NO FUN. I’m off to put more batteries in the kids’ flashlights!

Oh and the bottom picture is of my brave friend, Lisa who came home from work (early, the bank closed early) and bravely dug through the WALL of snow that the plow had put up in front of our driveway with me. We used one adult sized shovel and one child sized shovel and dug thru the whole wall….it was at least six feet across and four feet high…no lie. CRA-ZY

Then we hung out and ate popcorn and she played candyland and we had a fun afternoon!






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  1. Hi Sondra! Gasp! Look at those ice covered pinetrees! Awesome!!!

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