Enough Time

February 23, 2008 at 1:07 pm | Posted in time | Leave a comment

There is enough time for everything
in the course of a day
if you do but one thing at once;
but there is not time enough in the year
if you will do two things at a time.

— Lord Chesterfield (Letters to His Son, April 14, 1747)

I have a bad habit of letting things go ’till later. Some people call this "procrastination".

I call it "waiting ’till later" because I will eventually get to it and get caught up.

No, really.

The down side of this "flexibility" is that sometimes things pile up when i’m not really paying attention and get out of control. Then I get too overwelmed to even START taking care of them. (last night we were out of clean forks and this morning we were out of clean sippycups. Not cool.)

Last night I was so exhausted that I spent hours watching tv. I sorta wanted to check my email. When i finally mustered up the energy to take off the blanket, pause the tv and make my way over to my laptop, I discovered that msn was down and I couldn’t get to or read my mail (hotmail). With a frustrated sigh, i went back to my couch and let my eyes glaze over while watching another episode of "Millionaire Matchmaker" and two episodes of "Lipstick Jungle" (i sad attempt at a copy of "Cashmere Mafia"). (I ended up watching all of my recorded episodes. I think I lost about 40 IQ points doing it.)

We lost our internet access for a few days after the icestorm. (we were one of the few houses in the whole state that didn’t lose power apparently. I have no explanation for that.) Then I got that nasty cold and so did one of my babies. (now the other one has it.) And I’ve been just dragging ever since. While I was completely down and out, the dishes piled up, pots and pans on every flat surface. My diningroom table is once again invisible under a mountain of dried laundry and piles of books and who-know-what-all-else.

Walking from room to room is stressing me out. I need to bring the laundry downstairs and start attacking it. But first I have to address the mountain of dishes on top of the washing machine (we have a weird old farmhouse and the washing machine is in the kitchen so serves as ‘counter space’). I started my day by cleaning out the litter boxes, emptying some trashes and then cleaning up a brand new bag full of pretzels that my two year old had emptied out and spread around on the living room floor. Apparently she was trying to copy the ambiance of a country bar with a floor covered in straw and peanut shells. So I spent the first of my waking hours picking up toys and junk so that I could pick up the pretzels (the crows and squirrels had a blast digging them out of the snow and eating them after we tossed them outside). Then vaccuming, then dishes….had to wash enough that I could hook up the dishwasher (ours rolls around the kitchen) and not have the sink overflow.

Then I drank my daily soup-bowl-sized mocha and tried to at least address the new email in my email box. (the read-but-will-respond-to-later ones will just have to wait some more.)

The pile of what-nots on my art desk is stressing me out now too. Mostly because i no longer have a flat surface to work on and the idea of sorting thru it and cleaning it is making me feel sleepy and overwelmed again. I haven’t created any art except for a page or two in my art journal in a couple of weeks. The longer I go without creating anything, the harder it seems to be to get started again. *sigh*

Maybe it’s time for more caffeine…..

….or I could just throw in the towel and watch another episode of Dora The Explorer with the kids.


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