Bursting with the Blahs

March 23, 2008 at 7:34 pm | Posted in EXCUSES | 1 Comment

Since I really should be doing something ELSE right now, it seemed the perfect time to procrastinate and instead write a little something here. My sister (who has not updated her blog in 14 months…but uh, who’s counting) has brought it to my attention that I have not updated my blog lately. So, like….here’s some words…..

BLAH BLAH BLAH and….hmm….blah

Okay, now that i got THAT out of my system….I will admit to feeling really blahhhh lately. I went in for my regularly scheduled bloodtests last week and I’m waiting to hear the results. I’m guessing that my meds need a little tweaking. For some reason only caffeine has the power to make me feel human lately. And I’m not just talking about coffee in the morning….I’m drinking BUCKETS of caffeine lately….morning, noon, and night….the other night I drank some dark chocolate cocoa (YUM) at 9pm so that it could power me thru a couple of hours of dead air brain fog. (Too awake to fall asleep and too brain dead to think or perform any useful function.)

I feel like so LESS of a human being when I’m that tired. Seriously…I tried to get dressed for a special occasion and ended up looking completely bedraggled and feeling mildly (okay, a LOT) retarded. For some reason, no two items in my closet matched anymore. Seriously…NOTHING MATCHED and EVERYTHING looked ridiculous. My final choice was made as Richie and the girls sat belted into the van with the engine running in the driveway, waiting for me to get my act together. I grabbed the closest jacket (under a pile of discarded non-matching items), tried to smooth out the worst of the wrinkles and picked off some cat hair and figured that if I covered up most of my outfit with the jacket, maybe no one would notice my extreme lack of fashion sense.

Oh yeah, and I ran out the door without a winter coat. Did I mention that the temperature was below freezing?

Have you ever been SO very tired that you avoided eye contact simply because that would just make you MORE tired? Talk about feeling like a schlump.

Anyhoo….so yeah, that’s why I haven’t written.


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  1. Yepp… i’ve felt like that for the past two years!!! But fortunately , not anymore… We will see when your blood tests come back… I think your hormones are whacked, yo! 🙂
    What’d you think of my miracle Doctor greene’s book?

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