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Well, yes, it HAS been a while since I have posted. As always, as I review in my head anything interesting that might have happened over the last couple weeks, I can’t think of a single thing. And the things I CAN think of, I don’t really have any interesting pictures of. Oh well, you will just have to use your imagination.

Let’s see…..

Richie rented a rottotiller for a couple days ($!!!!) and we have been clearing a patch of lawn on the edge near the pear trees (where the ticks all hang out and party) for a new garden. I’m still going to have to dig up clumps of deep rooted grass but it will save my back from months of work. The grass roots are thick and go down about half a foot. It took me half the summer last year just to clear the space for the garden we made last year and that was only a space about 8 by 4 feet. This newly cleared space is quite a bit bigger so the stuff won’t be growing literally on top of each other and choke out the other plants competing for space like happened last year. Now we are in a race to get it all in the ground…..the snow on our property has been gone for the better part of a couple of weeks but I still see large patches when I’m driving around that didn’t get enough sunlight and refuse to melt.

Did I mention that the area has been cleared for half a week and I have not yet planted anything? Eeek….the days are passing and the seeds are still sitting snuggly in their packets, un-planted and un-sprouted. OH Well, tomorrow is another day…. 

The ladybugs have infested the house and are currently dying off in droves. While I have come to hate (and yes, I DO mean hate) newly hatched ladybugs everywhere, they are still managing to annoy me, even though they are now mostly dead. Because they are lying dead (and a few with quivering legs in the air here and there) all over the house. Mix in the dust that is normally piled up and you have the makings of a gross dirty filthy looking house. ICK

I’m counting down the weeks (just over 2) and days (16) ’till we drive all of our thousands of pounds of over-packed luggage to the airport and pray that our bags don’t weigh too much. I hate paying extra because I overpacked. Every trip I’ve ever taken (except one) has included too much luggage. I really want to go easy on the packing this time. Although I’ve already started my lists of things to pack and I think I already have too much and I haven’t even gotten the luggage out of the attic yet.

I decided that I was going to bring extra diapers, wipes, snack bars and cocoa (don’t leave home without it). When I combined those things with the gifts that I plan to bring, I filled up three whole oversized canvas bags. You know the size bags I’m talking about….the ones that will hold a large golden retriever?

My journal pages lately are all composed of lists of things that I’m trying not to forget. No cute pictures or doodles or neat stuff glued to them. Just lists and lists and lists. Oh well, at least it is an accurate reflection of my life. When the stress sets in, I become the QUEEN of lists. Somehow, if I can write it all down, I will someday get to it.

Um, I also had my ears candled on Friday night. Not really the party girl way to spend a Friday night but it is a huge relief to not have the constant pressure and pain all the time. I had never tried it before but I highly recommend it. In case you have never heard of it, here is a reference:


While looking for that link, I found a whole bunch of websites that say that the candling doesn’t really do anything and it is all just a hoax. But my ears feel quite a bit better. The negative websites also claim that no vacuum can happen in the process but you can FEEL the vacuum so I think whoever is writing that stuff is just a big dunderhead.


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