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100_0720I’ve been counting down the months, then weeks, now DAYS until the girls and I leave on our trip. I would say, ‘vacation’ but a journey with two small girls in tow is never much of a vacation from anything.

We are still recovering from the weekend. We all picked up colds at the special assembly day and our noses have run away from home, never to be heard from again. Fortunately, I’m stocked up on kleenax….er, I mean facial tissue. (we buy the cheap stuff that costs 69 cents a box. It also works for removing old paint off of furniture in a pinch.)

Normally, the only thing I stress over before a trip is the packing.

And when I say that I ‘stress, what I mean is that I spend weeks up until the day of departure, writing up new lists each day, of items to be packed…and the lists, of course, get longer and longer each day as I remember several dozen things that I had forgotten on the last list…..and I also spend each night of those weeks having nightmares about running away from home as a refugee of a fire or a mob attack and only having moments to gather up all the vital things I need. Generally there are never enough bags to hold everything in these dreams and there is always something I have forgotten that severely impedes my quality of life or basic survival. So, yeah….issues…

Up until this weekend, I was also stressing about having vistors right before our trip. But, as much as I love them, I was very very relieved to find out that they would not be coming afterall….and I therefore have several more days to get caught up on dishes and laundry and packing and making phone calls and cleaning, cleaning, cleaning.

Now, normally I try not to leave too many dishes in the sink when I leave town. But that is about all I worry about when it comes to the house. But this will be our first trip away requiring a housesitter for our cats and mail. Have I mentioned in the last three minutes how much I hate those cats??? (one of them is currently refusing to leave the attic…stupid hairball) ALSO, my in laws will be staying for a bit while the girls and I are gone.

Now, admittedly, I am not a good "housewife".

The place is not clean at all times (or any other times) should someone stop by unexpectedly and there is always a pile of laundry waiting for attention in the kitchen. Now, I am challenged to get the place clean enough that the in-laws don’t catch any diseases that are more common to people living in the squalor of third world countries and are resistant to all modern antibiotics. I’m sure that they will not feel at home and they will not enjoy their stay. But for their sakes, I am making an attempt to clean the place up….whether they appreciate it or not.

Fortunately though, those same in-laws are going to be taking the girls for a couple nights this weekend. I figured that this was only fair since they wouldn’t be seeing the girls for like a month. And of course, it gives me the oppty. to get a bunch of stuff on those lists done…

By the way, does anyone know the going rate for a housesitter these days? The last time I housesat was like 15 years ago and I got 40 bucks to do it. I’m guessing there has likely been some sort of inflation since then. HELP!



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