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Oh yeah, and I forgot to mention my little Saturday Night Adventure

So saturday afternoon I was doing the last errands before our trip. That means that I had to hit several different stores for last minute items to be packed (small bottle of gesso and a sweater that will go with my sundresses) and stuff to keep the house running (clothes detergent) and food for the fridge, food to fill up the freezer for Richie while we’re gone, and also snacks for the plane.

As night fell, the rain started coming down hard and I was hurrying from the store to the van with a cart full of food, trying to avoid being completely drenched and/or run over by the cars racing around the parking lot filled with other harried weekend shoppers.

Then i drove to my last stop of the night, Walmart. (I hate that I still have to shop there. To ease my conscience, I try to buy as much as I can from OTHER stores who don’t fund China’s sweatshops and fire butchers in response to them forming a union).

So I fill my cart with dairy, breads, and freezer items and then head to the checkout. The friendly cashier finishes ringing me up and I reach into my purse for my wallet. Then I start to search my purse more and more franticly for my wallet.

It is not there.

Then I remember the different people who kept bumping into me while I was shopping and I mentally kick myself for leaving my purse open and exposed to theives and not burying it at the bottom of the cart. But maybe I left it at the counter at the grocery store. So, with a sense of hope, I leave my cart full of bagged groceries at Walmart in the trust and care of the friendly cashier, who reassures me that this happens all the time, and drive back to the grocery store.

I tried to avoid getting into an accident as my tires squeal around on the dark rainy streets, as quickly as humanly possible. I frantically explain my predictament to the store manager and they search all the cashier islands for a wallet that may have been left behind.

No dice.

So then I call my husband and tell him what is going on and that he may need to drive to walmart and pay for the groceries because I no longer have a wallet. He reminds me to ask around at Walmart to see if someone has found it. Then he suggests I look through all the trash cans because if someone swiped it, they would have likely just taken out the cash and tossed the wallet into the nearest trash barrel.

So I go to the information/returns desk and WAIT IN LINE FOR TWENTY minutes so that I can ask if someone has seen my wallet.

By now, I’m praying, "pleaseletmefindit, pleaseletmefindit, pleaseletmefindit" and I’m hovering between tears and throwing up, thinking of the quickly melting frozen goods in my cart and the airline that I will need to deal with in a couple days, trying to explain why I have no driver’s license, charge cards or wallet contents of any kind. How do you travel with no money???

So Walmart confirms that they don’t have my wallet and my husband agrees to come to the store and pay for the groceries. While I wait for him, I walk franticly up and down the isles in case the thief has tossed the wallet under a shelf or in the freezer case or in a trash can. (Oddly, only like one person in the whole crowded store looked at me funny while I looked in ALL THE TRASH CANS. Oh brother.)

Richie called then. He said that he had cancelled the credit card and then got a call from the grocery store saying that they had found my wallet.

Finally, I could breathe.

So, maintaining my non-throwing up and non-crying status (barely), I again drove thru the huge, winding walmart parking lot and squealed around on the wet, dark, slippery streets back to the grocery store. They happily returned my wallet that the cart collector had found soaking wet on the pavement.

I was shocked to discover all of the wallet’s contents intact as well as the cash. WOW, who knew there were still that many honest people around? I mean, I know this is Maine and all, which is kind of retro in a lot of ways….we are mostly living in the sixties and seventies and eighties here. But still, wow.

The still-friendly cashier at walmart finished with the customers who were in her line and rang me up again. She reminded me how unusual it was that I got my wallet back with nothing missing. I said a quick thank-you prayer and tried not to cry, this time in relief.

So that was my Saturday night.

Fun, right?


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