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May 6, 2008 at 10:09 am | Posted in TODAY | Leave a comment

Well, we are leaving for our trip tomorrow and I haven’t started packing yet. I’ve been cleaning and been busy trying to get things done around the house. I even tried to finish up some things in the ‘garden’ outside yesterday. We rototilled a big area but it still isn’t suitable for gardening without extra work. I planted a small row of carrot seeds last week. And all around that tiny cultivated row, grass and weeds are trying to take over again. So I spent a couple of hours with various gardening instruments digging and digging and ripping out roots. I did a LOT of rock harvesting. (can you say, "tweaked back"?)

I now have two large piles of rocks containing enough large stones to make my other little garden area quite a bit bigger. Hopefully the weeds won’t assert themselves again while I am away. Only time will tell. I planted some garlic but I was so exhausted when i did it that i think i totally did it wrong. It didn’t occur to be until an hour later that i probably should have seperated the cloves of garlic instead of planting the whole bulb in one spot. Stupid, stupid, stupid. Oh well, it will still grow better than it would have sitting in a bag on the porch, right?

So today i’m trying to finish the cleaning so that I can have a space to open up the suitcases and lay out our clothes and stuff that need to get into them. I have multiple lists of things to bring. Now the challenge will be to get everything for me and the girls in three suitcases. Diapers alone take up a big space. UGH.

Also, i’m trying to whittle down the amount of art supplies I’m bringing. I want to be able to scrapbook, work on some atcs and collage, have the supplies to do a canvas piece for my family while I’m there and also have the paper and whatnot that I will NEED to work on my art journals so that I can maintain my sanity. And all that needs to fit in either my carryon (minus the razor blade and scissors) or my already overstuffed luggage (in my mind it is overstuffed. in reality it is sitting in the hallway, empty and covered in other stuff that needs putting away.).

So….now you are up to date.

Oh yeah, and at some point today i have to pull the plug on my laptop and pack it and the cords and everything up. I feel like i’m going to be ripping off a limb. No internet or email or writing for a couple of days. YIKES.

To those in CA, see you soon!

To those here in ME, miss you already!



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