California Update

May 10, 2008 at 2:16 pm | Posted in VACATION | 1 Comment

May72008plane_1small The girls LOVED the planes (we changed planes in Georgia). While I was white-knuckling the armrests on my side of the isle (it was a tiny 70 seater plane), Mia was giggling and Bella was saying "up, up, and awayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!". They had a jolly time playing with their backpacks full of toys and watching out the window.

Unfortunately because of the route we took, changing planes in Georgia, our total flying time from Maine to CA was somewhere in the ballpark of 9 hours, not counting the layover. By the time we were getting ready to touchdown in CA, I was ready to jump out the nearest emergency exit. Traveling is exhausting. Traveling with small children with limitless energy is enough to push you to serious drug abuse.

Bellaadmirestess We have been going, going, going since we’ve been here.

TessgirlsThe girls adore their Aunt Tessie and Uncle Justin and Grandma and Grandpa. At one point they were at mom’s house being watched by Tess and Justin and my mom and dad came home. Mia ran to the door and shouted, "Gramma! Look, Uncle! Look, Uncle, Gramma!". Needless to say, they are having a ball.

Rockcandy  Yesterday we drove to Monterey and walked around Old Fisherman’s Wharf. (there was some discussion on the location of NEW fisherman’s wharf. IS there such a place?)

Then, on the way home on Scenic Highway 1, we stopped off for some fried artichokes. I LOOOOVE fried artichokes. They always remind me of our summer trips growing up. For me, food is always the Sondigirls highlight of any vacation.

Sondihat By the time we got back, it was the girl’s bedtime and for once, I got to bed at a decent hour. Last night was the first night in about a week that I got more than five hours of sleep. Have I mentioned I’m dead on my feet?

Too much Tesssondi fun is exhausting.


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  1. The girls look so sweet. We miss you guys, but are glad you are having so much fun! Hope your weather is better than here. Soak up some sun for us and have a little extra fun. See you soon:)

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