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June 2, 2008 at 5:20 pm | Posted in VACATION | Leave a comment

Hey there folks!

I have safely returned from the West Coast and now once more have internet access. I am woefully behind in writing and returning emails and just about everything else. While carrying my laptop around in a computer bag (which was itself within another bag slung over my shoulder, messenger style) thru the airport, I somehow managed to spill my grande latte onto/into it and into the slot where the wireless card goes. So when I got home and started unpacking, I attempted to fire up my laptop, only to find that it was booting up with a blank (and I do mean BLANK. Not blue, not beige, DARK AS NIGHT) screen. BlankLaptop

After fiddling around with several buttons and whatnot, I finally realized that it would successfully power up with the wireless card pulled out. But when I popped it back in, everything froze up again. Then, popping it BACK out, it would work, no problem. Did I mention that it was coated in a thin, dark, powdery substance that smelled like burnt coffee?

As I was yelling at my laptop, I was also franticlly trying to think of a scenario where this situation WAS NOT MY OWN STUPID FAULT and could be blamed on airport security who made me empty all my bags and hand over my laptop for inspection. Trouble was, I DO remember spilling my latte and being surprised that, although it clumsily dumped over, there was only like a drop on my hand and shoe. It never occurred to me to look and SEE where the rest of the spill went. Dummy.  Arrggghhh…

So anyhoooooo……I have not yet uploaded my pictures or anything so it may be a bit till I get caught up. In the meantime, we have a giant blue cable running from the upstairs office, down the stairs, through the diningroom and into this room, where it is plugged into my laptop. Attractive? no.

More later!


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