‘DIPPY!’ or ‘DO!’……you be the judge

June 11, 2008 at 6:51 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 2 Comments

For anyone unclear on the concept, there is a REASON women travel in packs.

For instance, we go to the restroom together, both for social and emotional support ("He was SO not checking out that blonde! He loves you!"). We also avoid going solo because only your most trusted, loyal friends will let you know when you have toilet paper stuck to the bottom of your shoe or spinach in your teeth. They are there to help you maintain your self-respect and dignity.

Anthropolgists would also tell you that women travel in packs when shopping as well. In addition to the reasons stated above, there is another, more vital function that they perform. They serve as critic and morale-builder. They will keep you from buying something in a color that makes you look like you have a perpetual case of the flu, or point out that yes, that skirt does make your butt look big ("and no, it is totally the skirt's fault and not your butt at all. Your butt is great").

Having now brought you up to date on some of the hunting-gathering rituals of womanhood, I want to direct your attention to a purchase I made recently that did not involve girlfriends. I have wanted a pair of oversized white sunglasses for like….forever. I was pretty sure that most pairs of white sunglasses I had tried on looked bad because, for most of the year, I am almost albino (minus the pink eyes). Some people would describe my skin as "fair" or "porcelain". These people are just being kind. My skin is SO white that you can see through it. Not 'white', more like 'Translucent Pink'. Just glancing in my direction gives you a clear view of veins, arteries and muscle tissue. Seriously – SO WHITE.

But, having hung out with my oh-so-stylish sister (when i grow up, I am SO gonna be her!), I wanted an oversize pair of glasses just like hers. After trying on lots and lots of pairs of sunglases, the only ones I could find that seemed to be the right proportion and shape were white. I was going to ask a fellow shopper who was also trying on glasses for her opinion. That is, until I noticed that she was using the opinion of her stroller-sized toddler son as a critique. In a high pitched, sing-song voice she was all, "Doesn't mommy look silly? Wow, what do think? what do you think? what do you think? Is mommy silly?". You get the idea.

So I decided to go with my gut and get the glasses. They were like my dream sunglasses, afterall. When I got to the counter, (as they were announcing that the store was "closed for the night and would you people go home already?"), I decided for a last ditch effort at a female opinion and asked the clerk what she thought. She made a face. "So they're no good? Too white for my skin?", I asked. "No", she says. "They are too big." To which I responded, "Is that even possible? TOO big?". She just looked at me like I was an idiot and rang me up.

So I proudly wore my new sunglasses the other day. They were great! I felt like a movie star AND no sun was able to reach my eyes from any direction. I could even drive with the windows down on the highway without my contact lenses drying out because they acted as a giant barrier. Genius! Then I wore them again around my girlfriends, waiting for them to notice my GIANT new glasses. (In the meantime, my five and two year olds both accused me of stealing their 'pretend' glasses from the playroom and demanded that i give them back.) Only, no one even mentioned them. Sooo….either they honestly didn't notice…..or they were just trying to be nice….hmmm…..

So….here are a few pictures.

First, me with my adorable sister in her glasses. Then two pics of me in mine.

What's the verdict folks? Are they dippy?


 May 9 TessSondi

White Glasses White Glasses (1)




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  1. OHHHHHH.. Now that I have stopped laughing, oops! Laughing again!.. They are adorable, I am not sure about the kissing pose though, I wouldn’t do that too often, it looks like you are trying to make them to stay on. That is the whole idea of the new style this summer, go for it! It is cute! And practicle too! You will probably start seeing more people wearing them soon. 🙂 Love You

  2. I loooove your glasses! The real problem is that you’re asking Mainers… who rarely even utter the word “fashion”
    Besides, when I decided to go the way of the future (i.e. big glasses world) I too felt funny at first… and no one would say anything and if they did it was dumb people who have no clue and look for reasons to make fun of anything new and improved….
    You just gotta not let the glasses wear you, but you wear the glasses… whatever that term is… I believe it was Confucius who said that… LOL “I’m funny”
    I actually now think that people with little glasses are so 10 years ago… Little glasses are now tacky… so make sure you point out to the Mainer-little-glasses-wearers that their glasses are tacky and you need to help them pick out better ones.
    Anyway, me-likey!
    And me miss shopping with you too!

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