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First things first…I read a couple AWESOME medical-ey articles over the past few days that I want to share with my fellow addicts…To sum up, they say that coffee will help you live longer and cocoa is a wonderdrug! So take THAT, all you non-addicts!!!

Here is the link for the site that frankly is CHOCK full of neato stuff…

Will Cocoa Soon Be Used as Medicine?

Specially formulated cocoa very well might soon be considered part of a treatment plan for the prevention of cardiovascular disease in diabetics.

According to new research, after diabetic patients drank a special high-flavonol cocoa for one month, blood vessel function went from severely impaired to normal. Flavanols are natural plant compounds also found in tea, red wine, and certain fruits and vegetables. They are responsible for cocoa’s healthful benefits.

The improvement was as large as has been observed with exercise and many common diabetic medications. The cocoa used in this study is not sold in the supermarket.

Coffee May Reduce Mortality in Women

Long-term consumption of coffee may reduce the mortality rate in women, according to a study in Annals of Internal Medicine.

Researchers looked at data from some 130,000 healthy women and men from two large cohorts — the Nurses' Health Study and the Health Professionals Follow-Up Study — who regularly answered dietary questionnaires.

After roughly 20 years' follow-up and adjustment for other risk factors, they found that higher coffee consumption in women was associated with a slightly lower risk for all-cause mortality — largely due to a reduced risk for cardiovascular death. The effect was observed with as few as five to seven cups per week and was independent of caffeine intake.

Men who drank more coffee also saw a benefit, but the association did not reach statistical significance.

The authors say that coffee's potential perks could be due to its effects on inflammation, endothelial function, and insulin sensitivity.


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