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June 24, 2008 at 12:16 am | Posted in Day to Day Musings | Leave a comment

So now that a few days have passed, I'm guessing that the whole the-cat-is-evil schtick was a little over the top. Maybe he was just old and ill and needed some prozak and maybe a couple other social-anxiety-related drugs.

The morning after the last post, I loaded the cat up into it's carrier and the girls and I brought him to the nearest shelter. The ladies there at the intake counter were SO nice. They didn't even raise an eyebrow and acted like it was the most normal thing in the world that we were bringing in one of our cats. I'm guessing she could see the truth of my story (this cat never bonded with our family) when the girls didn't bat an eye at him being brought in and were having a BALL looking at all the kittens and dogs and bunnies and birds. They would have stayed at the pound all day if I'd let them. The place was newly built and was totally state of the art. Shiny glass everywhere and clean……It even smelled good inside. I soooo wanted to bring home one of the bajillion kittens or lonely dogs that were there. But couldn't for two reasons. A/spouse hates all animals on principle and B)How tacky would that be to drop off one animal and then turnaround and ask for another? Yow…even I am not that tacky.

Anyhoo….thank you to everyone who has offered suggestions about what might be the cat's illness and possible ways we could fix him up. Waking up to no new piles of poop or puddles of pee is a lovely thing, let me tell you.

And remember how I told you that the cat peed all over the girls' cute little pink plastic pretend house? I dragged it outside, hosed it down inside and out, sprayed it with enzyme cleaner to hopefully remove all traces of cat pee and then left it outside to dry. Welll….for the last week we seem to have had a rain/thunderstorm everyday. The day after I left it outside to dry (it got rained on so was not dry, obviously), I realized it was not there. I thought maybe hubby moved it somewhere for better lawn mowing access. When I asked him, he said he hadn't seen it at all. So we are guessing that one of two things happened. It could have become airborne and blown away to timbuktu. The second possibility (which my husband insists is the case) is that it blew over to the road and someone drove by, tossed it into their car and drove it to their own home for their own children's delight and amusement. I have been visually scouring the bushes all up and down our block and whenever I'm out driving in the car (okay, yeah, I should be keeping a better eye on the road….), I just refuse to believe that someone snatched it!

I would really like to believe that our neighbors and people driving by are not that heartless. I mean, hello? We live in Maine! Isn't everyone supposed to be nice here? I guess we do have a few drug dealers and pedophiles here and there but man oh man…..seriously? To steal a little girl's pink plastic house? How much of a hardened criminal do you have to be to try that??? Sheesshh…..

I hope they get it home, give it to their kid and then realize that it is making their whole nasty hovel smell like cat pee. Jerks.


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