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I Listen To Bands... Print - Threadless, Best T-shirts Ever

Today I feel like bragging about my two favorite websites….okay, maybe ‘bragging’ isn’t really the word I’m looking for here since I had absolutely no involvement in their creation. I just think they are awesome and I find that it hightens my own percepted value of myself that I know about them and use them so frequently.


Sometimes it just feels so good to put that out there…oh yeah, man, in case you don’t already know or need reminding, I TOTALLY ROCK!!!!

So, anyway…oh yeah….the websites. They are rss fwd   and is awesome because you just cut and paste the url of that website that you keep meaning to read and keep up with but keep forgetting about (what, she is back from vacation, is a vegetarian and has a kid now?? How many posts did I miss???) and then you feed it your email address….takes like a minute, okay, maybe two minutes, tops.

Then it sends you emails when the site is updated. You can have it send you plain text emails or include all the photos and what-nots that are on the site that day.


You should see the myriad of icons I have on my desktop belonging to artists’ sites that I adore and keep meaning to check out on a more frequent basis. But, invariably, they get visually buried under whatever I am working on at the moment and I forget all about them and how awesome they are. No more!

And well, is just awesome because I hate using spellchecker and when I know that I am absolutely, without a doubt, mangling (verb; to injure severely, disfigure, or mutilate by cutting, slashing, or crushing) a word, I just pop on over and find out how many letters I was off from the actual spelling. It also links up to a thesauras thesaurus and some other handy stuff….

Have you ever heard that song, “Hipster Girl” by MC Lars? It describes a girl who sees all the underground movies and goes to see all the Indy bands play that no one has ever heard of yet and wears politically vibrant t-shirts and has an ‘educated’ opinion about EVERYTHING and she is just SO COOL, knowing all this stuff before anybody else has been exposed to it yet, THAT NO ONE HAS ANY CLUE WHAT SHE IS EVER TALKING ABOUT….I grin like a madwoman everytime it comes out of my earphones and pumps into my brain….Sometimes I still want to BE the hipster girl though….I think the other song that really speaks to me right now is Psycho by Puddle of Mudd….if you have ever really listened to the lyrics….well, ’nuff said.


P.S. I am totally curious about who in (or nearby) Park Ridge, IL is checking up on my little ol’ blog. Who are you? Drop me a comment!



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