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Well, being a New Englander, I figured it was about time that I tried my hand at preparing fish. Fish is plentiful here and I keep hearing about how inexpensive it is. So, while doing the weekly grocery shopping, I moseyed on up to the fish counter to see what was what. I ended up with a few weekly specials in my cart, one of which was previously frozen so needed cooking pronto. On my last GW excursion, I picked up a couple of fish related cookbooks, so armed with my little bit of knowledge (yes, a dangerous thing), I paid for my fish and scurried on home. Being that I don’t cook ….(frozen pizza and personalized mac and cheese are house specialties at cafe caserio), I felt like quite the brave little toaster.


After checking out the recipes for ‘flounder’, I settled on frying as my cooking method of choice. I always err on the side of white trash cuisine, afterall. So, this afternoon, I whipped out the bread crumbs, threw in some dried onion, chipotle, and some thyme from the garden, dipped the fillets in some egg, then the bread crumb mountain and then plopped them into the frying pan. I let my five year old smell the thyme before I used it, so she was eager to try it after it was cooked (am I a genius, or what??). I was quite pleased with the finished product. It was, in a word, YUM. Who knew fish could be tasty (outside of salmon, that is)??? My five year old liked it so much that she has been sneaking additional bites for the last half hour, while I pretend not to notice. How funny is that ?? A kid SNEAKING FISH ???? Still laughing over that one….


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