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Our school system has a great feature….a week before school starts, they let the parents of kindergarten students do a practice run of the first day of school.

They let you board the bus with your kids, go to school, meet the teacher, get the lay of the land, and then ride the bus home. That way, everybody is all ready and comfortable with things before school actually starts.

I have to say, riding a school bus again was a total thrill. I'm not being sarcastic (a miracle, i know) It was just SO FUN. Miraculously, I didn't even get carsick. We sat on the back of the bus and watched the world go by as we bounced along with each bump and pebble in the road. Sitting on those vinyl seats and cruising along, in anticipation of our unofficial 'first day at school', brought back such a flood of memories. I was giggling as much as my five year old. I took a few pictures of all of us on the bus and a few of Bella exploring her new classroom. After the bus dropped us back off at home, we hopped in the car and went to ricetta's for lunch, just me, richie, and bella. Then we talked all about our morning and the school year ahead. It was such a fun day!

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Sondic's Kindergarten photoset Sondic's Kindergarten photoset

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