Sunday Night Follies

September 29, 2008 at 1:05 pm | Posted in JUST DUMB | 1 Comment

So, last night was our friend’s “1st Annual Talent Show”, which was hosted by my friend (I’m hoping, still) Jean. She paid out a bunch of money to rent the hall, and woke up before the sun came up Sunday morning to get it set up and decorated.

How did the talent show turn out, you ask?

Well, as it turns out, I couldn’t tell you. And why??? Was I home with the flu? Stuck on the side of the road in a terrible 17 car pile up with a totalled car and mangled body? Unresponsive in a coma at the hospital hooked to IV’s with doctors surrounding my bed with sobering frowns and shaking their heads over my terrible state?

No, no, and no. I wasn’t sick, or infirm, or incapacitated…… just dumb.

D. U. M. B. dumb.

I thought the show started at 7pm and planned my day accordingly. I would wait for the girls to get home from their grandparents, put them down for a nap, relax and read a book for a bit, preheat the oven, mix up some cupcakes and be out the door, dressed up cute with an armload of cupcakes and children in hand by 6pm. Totally scheduled. The day was proceeding as planned. I had my outfit partially decided on, one kid napping, and the other sniffing over the cupcakes and desperately waiting to slather pink frosting on them when they came out of the oven and cooled. (As I was pouring the batter into the cups with my handy dandy ice cream scoop, she suspiciously asked me what I was doing because the batter bore a striking resemblance to chocolate frosting and she thought I might be frosting them without her and WITHOUT PINK FROSTING, heaven forbid!)

Around 3:30 my phone rang and Michelle says, “WHERE ARE YOU??”.

I answer, “At home, where are you?”

She answers that she is at the show. To which I respond, “You are setting up?”

“No”, she answers. “The show is HALF OVER. It is intermission!”

At which point my stomach dumps out a bucket of acid and I sit down heavily on the third step of the stairs, where I’d been standing, full of plans and happiness thinking of the evening ahead, only moments before.


So, let me just say at this point in my story….., “Yes, I am that DUMB”.

All morning, I’d been lecturing hubby about how important it was that we ALL be there because he felt that watching football was a better use of his precious day off of work than sitting through a talentshow put on by almost everyone he knows. So, here I am lecturing him off and on all morning and he was sticking to his guns and I was frustrated and righteously indignant about it. In an act of contrition, he fills the car up with gas for me so that I can hop in with the girls and make it to the show on time. Fast forward to a few hours later to where I am reading a book in my sweats and then, boom, I find out that I am not going because I clearly have an IQ of 12.

How embarrasing.

The upside to this story is that one of my friends taped it and has promised to let me see it. Not as good as seeing it live and making eye contact with the nervous frazzled friends of mine on the stage as they showcase their various talents in front of a live audience, hoping that no one boo’s or thinks they are pitiful talentless hacks. I would have rather been there as a show of support and been able to give congratulatory hugs and lavish on the praise at their gumption afterwards.

But no, brilliant moi was home baking (fabulous) cupcakes for an event that was taking place and half way over before the first batch was even out of the oven. I was even using the fancy foil cupcake papers that I love so much….

So my solace was eating fudgey gooey chocolately cupcakes filled with kahula and chocolate chips all night…..Which ended up sitting like rocks in my stomach as I started realizing with dread the amount of grovelling I will have to do the next time I see Jean.

Soooo, yeahhhh……that was my Sunday night.


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  1. Oh, so that explains where you were! Whoops! I had been hoping to see your fam at the talent show more. Oh well. There’s always next year. I’m sure you won’t forget next year (especially since everyone will be reminding you 🙂 Sorry to miss seeing more of you while we were in Maine!

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