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So, I will admit it….. Yes, I have a facebook page.

I signed up for it forever ago (I can’t help myself – I sign up for anything that is free. It’s a sickness.) and pretty much forgot all about it. Then a few days ago, I was procrastinating waiting to do something else and I decided to check it out.

And now I’m hooked.

Originally I thought it was basically another myspace; a creepy social site where creepy strangers try to send you lurid messages and you do a little blogging here and there and then more people send you creepy messages wanting to be your ‘friend’.

I was so pleasantly surprised to find out that it was actually really cool! It is sort of like an elaborate instant messenger except that you can upload pictures and write snarky commentary every now and again. You can leave messages for people who you actually KNOW or talk to them in realtime through their instant messaging. You can also play games with them in realtime. THAT is my favorite part. I am currently playing scrabble with five different people. I have a scrabble deathmatch going on with my younger sister at the moment (and I’m whomping her). There isn’t really any blogging in the traditional sense (who thought the words ‘blogging’ and ‘traditional’ would be in the same sentence???) but I am really digging it.

They also have this thing where you can ‘poke’ a friend to get their attention. It’s basically just a setup that lets you put a line on their page that says ‘so and so poked you. poke them back?‘. Or you can ‘super poke’ them which is more elaborate. You can ‘throw a cake at’ them which sends them a message that you did with a little picture of a cartoon chicken throwing a cake at a cartoon pig. You can also throw a sheep at someone (or do a myriad of other things like ‘smile‘ or ‘hipcheck‘ or ‘get your hair did with’ or ‘throw a stilleto at’). It’s silly but I’m hooked.

Anyhoo, i’ve been feeling a bit guilty that I haven’t updated here in awhile and now you know why:

I’m over on facebook playing scrabble and throwing sheep and cakes. Wanna join me?


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